This is a list of books that have been passed down and are of particular interest to the family history.

Religious Books

  • The Evans Family bible – unfortunately our side of the family no longer have this bible, as it was collected by Archibald Agard Evans in about 1990. The book was published by Boden and Adams, Birmingham 1769 and contains the birth records of two generations of the Evans family – the children of Richard Evans and Sarah Styles and the children of Richard Evans and Mary Shaw-Hellier.
  • The Cheshire Family bible – published by Brown and Bentley, Birmingham, 1789. This contains two generations of Cheshire family baptisms from 1791 and is inscribed “Edward Cheshire – His Book”. It also includes inserts about the family of Priscilla Onions. These will be scanned and added here in due course
  • The Shaw-Hellier book of common prayer, published by Gill at Oxford 1770 – inscribed “Mary Shaw-Hellier” and dated 17 November 1789. This clearly was in the possession of Mary Evans (b 1801) née Shaw-Hellier. This book also contains the Evans baptisms 1824-1840. It would appear therefore to be a gift from Mary Shaw-Hellier to her granddaughter Mary Shaw-Hellier or possibly passed to her at her death.
  • Downing Bible dating from the 1860’s (?) published by R and A Suttaby – “Showell” and “leaf from large Downing bible” – more details to find – last recorded in an inventory in 1975. (10.5 x 7.25 inches).
  • A short Introduction to the true understanding of the Lords Supper by Bishop Wilson R Clay, Son and Taylor Bread Street Hill London. Manuscript “Wm Edd Downing Confirmed Oct 1866 Rev 3 12 from his friend and well wisher WH”

Books belonging to the Evans family (1820-1859)

  • “The Chase, The Turf and the Road” by Nimrod (C J Apperly). This is the 1837 first edition published by John Murray and was clearly in Richard Evans’ library. Not least in a footnote on p94-95 it praises Mr Richard Evans. proprietor or the Red Lion, Wolverhampton (b1769). This is one of a number of books that shows the Evans’ keen interest of all things to do with horses. Nimrod marvels at “The Wonder” stage coach that ran daily from London to Shrewsbury. Richard Evans’ chestnut horses were the pride of the run with the smartest turnaround on the Wednesbury to Wolverhampton stage.
  • “Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting anecdotes etc” Inc Supplement on New South Wales, S Howitt, Published by HRYoung London 1819 Second Edition. This valuable book has 110 fine coloured illustrations and again fits the profile of Richard Evans interest in all things sporting – showing graphically how natives hunt different animals on all the continents of the world.
  • “The Noble Science” by F P Delme-Radcliffe published Rudolph Ackerman 1839 – a book on fox hunting – signed “R Evans” on inside cover together with bookshop name in Wolverhampton.
  • “History of British Birds” (2 Vols) T Bewick, 1827 Sixth Edition – this contains interesting pencil manuscript about a particularly rare specimen that was bagged near Crosby on a shooting trip. Volume 1: Land Birds. Volume 2:Water Birds
  • “Museum of Natural History” Div II Birds by WS Dallas, published by Wm Mackenzie 1803 – (listed but unable to locate at present)
  • The Sporting Magazine inscribed “Richard Evans – Pendeford Hall”
    Vol 33 Oct 1808 to Mar 1809
    Vol 34 Apr 1809 to Sep 1809
    Vol 35 Oct 1809 to Mar 1810
  • “Flowers of Infancy” – by T Woolnoth (Manuscript “Sarah Evans 1839” – we also have a samplar of hers of similar date)
  • “Hogarth Works” Volumes 1 and II Thomas Clerk 1810
  • Drawing Room Scrap Book 1836 Fisher and Son – Poems and Illustrations
  • Drawing Room Scrap Book 1837 Fisher and Son – Poems and Illustrations

There is a collection of late nineteenth century illustrated children’s books that were the property of Ida Downing

Ida Downing (1872-1946) worked for the BBC 1920’s and 1930’s – left to  her nephew William Noel  Downing, who selected them at the house sale 1947.

  • “La Fontaines Fables” – translated by Walter Thornbury illustrated by Gustave Dore. Publisher Cassell Petter and Galpin (c1870)
  • Dalziel’s “Illustrated Arabian Nights Entertainments” published by Ward Lock and Tyler (c1870)
  • “Pilgrims Progress” illustrated by Selous and Priolo, Cassell Petter and Galpin (c1870)
  • “The Holy War” by John Bunyan Publisher Cassell Petter and Galpin (c1870)
  • “Gulliver’s Travels” by Swift Publisher Cassell Petter and Galpin (c1870)
  • “Robinson Crusoe”by Defoe Publisher Cassell Petter and Galpin (c1870)
  • “Italy – a poem” Samuel Rogers 1836 London
  • “The Holy Land, Egypt etc” (3 Books – Vol 1 – Vol VI ), D Roberts, Lithographs, Day and Gow 1855-56. This has a fine set of illustrations in colour

Art Books

  • “Thirty Pictures of Deceased British Artists” – engraved W S Linton 1860 Art Union of London
  • “Modern Art” by James Dafforne Publisher Virtue and Co line engravings from paintings (c1886)

There is an important collection of First World War magazines – most of them collected for their humour

  • The Bystanders 9 issues from 24 July 1918 – “Fragments from France etc”
  • The Pow-Wow:
    Volume 1, nos. 1-20, 18 Nov 1914 – 16 Apr 1915,
    Volume 2, nos. 21-38, 23 Apr 1915 -3 Sep 1915
  • The Hun Hunters – Cautionary Tales from the Trenches, Grant Richards, 1916
  • A Widow and her Friends by CD Gibson, 1901
  • Various Years of Punch (annual) 1863, 1864,1 914-1928
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