There are several collections of letters in our possession that relate to the people described on this website. The preliminary list is as follows:-

Three letters to Sarah Downing 1845-1853

Letter to WE Downing on his marriage from his employees – 1879

Letter to Mary Downing (Bobbie) from William Lyon Browne – 1889

Letters from School by Noel Downing

First World War Correspondence of Charles Wilmot Evans 1914-1916

First World War Correspondence of William Noel Downing

Other Contents of Mary Downing’s Writing Box

Letters from Charles Hellier Davis Evans in Australia  to Molly Downing 1930’s

Letters from Sir Thomas Downing Kendrick to his cousin Noel Downing 1946

Letters from Edith Ogden Evans concerning the family tree

Letters of William Henry Morgan

Letters of Donald Morgan in India 1946

Letters from Donald Morgan to Pamela Downing (1949-1950) (DJM)

For a fuller list of web pages which reference correspondence click here 


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