Buildings and Residences

Osnaburgh House Hotel, Regents Park

Osnaburgh House was a regency town house and, latterly, small town hotel just off Regents Park in Camden, north of the Euston Road. It was destroyed or knocked down, during or immediately after the war around 1941-45. It was immediately adjacent to Cumberland Market. Continue reading →
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16 Woodbourne Road, Edgbaston

The first family home of the Noel and Molly Downing was 16 Woodbourne Road, a large house in Edgbaston. The house is situated within two miles of both the centre of Birmingham and the Downings’ Maltings in Smethwick. Continue reading →
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3 Paragon Buildings, Cheltenham

For nearly twenty years a number of the Marten family lived in Cheltenham, in a place they called ‘Lamberhurst’. It was in fact part of a Georgian Terrace in Bath Street called 3 Paragon buildings. Significantly, it was very close to Cheltenham College, the boys’ school. Continue reading →
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The Cottage, Upton, Near Andover, Hampshire

Noel and Molly Downing bought The Cottage, Upton in Oct 1945 for their retirement. It had six or seven bedrooms and for the next twenty nine years the house welcomed a number of guests – old friends and family that came to stay or just visit for the day. Noel died in Oct 1965 and Molly in Sep 1974.  Continue reading →
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The Lloyd House

The Lloyd House in Lower Penn briefly came into the ownership of the Evans family as a result of Charles Evans marrying Sophie Marsh of the Lloyd in 1804. The Lloyd or Lyde was a mediaeval manor but seems to have changed hands many times. Continue reading →
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Spout House, Smethwick

The Spout House, Smethwick, was probably built in the early 1700’s and was demolished in 1937. It was situated on the corner where Londonderry Road meets Taylor’s Lane.  Continue reading →
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The Wodehouse, Wombourne

The Wodehouse is the house at the heart of an ancient estate in Wombourne, Staffordshire. It was acquired by Samuel Hellier in the early 18th century and as the favoured residence out of London was largely developed by the Hellier family. Continue reading →
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Stourton Hall

Stourton Hall is a large mansion in Kinver, west of Stourbridge. It is given as the residence of Walter Showell, the brewer, in the 1901 census. He died at the property shortly afterwards on 31 Jul 1901. Continue reading →
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The Green House, Tettenhall

The Green House Tettenhall is the three storey building pictured on the right and still stands today in the centre of Tettenhall to the west of Wolverhampton. Continue reading →
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