Great Grandparents

Elizabeth Jane Treleaven

Elizabeth Jane Treleaven, known as Ginny, was born at 23 Claremont Street in Plymouth in 1854. Her father, George Treleaven, was a Ropemaker in the Royal Navy. Continue reading →
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Hannah Pitt Showell

Hannah Pitt Showell was born in Oldbury on 2 Mar 1855. She was the eldest of thirteen children of Walter Showell and his wife Sarah (née Hartill). Her father was a successful brewery owner in the town of Oldbury. Continue reading →
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Margaret Sarah Chiswick

Margaret Sarah Chiswick was born in Poplar on 29 Sep 1851 the eldest daughter of Daniel Chiswick and Margaret Lucas. Her father was a cooper, whose family had practised the trade in Bethnal Green for more than a century. Continue reading →
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Henry Evans

Henry Evans was born on 2 Jun 1840 at Pendeford Hall. We believe he attended Bridgnorth school. By the time his father died in 1859 the future seemed uncertain and the family was forced to relinquish the tenancy of Pendeford Hall. Continue reading →
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Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan was born in Jamaica Street in the centre of Bristol on 14 Mar 1850 and was the first of the Morgans to move to London and pursue a literate career. His grandfather Isaac Morgan originally came from Luccombe on the edge of Exmoor.  Continue reading →
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