James Shaw, Artist, 1736-1784

James Shaw was baptised on 6 Sep 1736 in All Saints, Sedgley and was the younger brother of Thomas Shaw, who later became Rev Thomas Shaw-Hellier in 1786. James Shaw studied and became an artist and died in London in about 1784. Continue reading →
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Chaplain to William, 5th Baron Byron

William Byron, 5th Baron Byron, 1722-1798, the great uncle to the Poet, has a very shady reputation being dubbed the ‘Wicked Lord”. Most notoriously, he was tried by his fellow peers for murder in 1765 after he had run his sword through a distant cousin in a London pub. Nonetheless, it is known, he had a series of chaplains who served in his household. Continue reading →
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William Wylmer of Ryton, died 1551

William Wylmer of Ryton, just outside Coventry, was the grandfather of Thomas Wilmer (1554-1628), the second husband of Anne Sutton. In his will dated 22 Oct 1551 he describes himself as a Gentleman and his family is recorded in detail in the Heraldic Visitation of Northamptonshire in 1619. Continue reading →
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William Turton, Ironmonger of Oxford, died 1643

Placing all the William Turtons of West Bromwich and Rowley Regis in the early seventeenth century is extremely difficult. The various pedigrees stemming from the Heraldic Visitations, give a good picture of the main West Bromwich and Alrewas lines but it is difficult to tie back to surviving parish registers and particularly the recorded marriages. Continue reading →
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Richard Foley of Dudley, died 1600

Richard Foley of Dudley died and left a will written 28 May 1600 and granted probate at Worcester not long after. He was probably baptized on 30 Jan 1547 in Rowley Regis. He was importantly the father of the wealthy ironmaster known as Richard ‘Fiddler’ Foley, latterly of Stourbridge. This son was a significant burgher in Dudley and was instrumental amongst his many good deeds, in resecuring the finances of Dudley Grammar School. It is the early relations with the Shaw family of Dudley that are of particular interest on these pages. Continue reading →
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Mary Bendy (née Hayward), died 1755

Mary Hayward was born in about 1673 and became the second wife of William Bendy, marrying him on 17 Mar 1697 at St Benedicts, Wombourne. She is the grandmother of Mary Shaw, the wife of Thomas Shaw-Hellier. She lived the last thirty years of her life as a widow at Shutt End, Kingswinford and died in 1755. Her will was granted probate in 1758. Continue reading →
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Edward Gravenor of the Hollies, died 1654

Edward Gravenor was a great grandson of Clare Colbourne of Dudley. When he died in 1654 his branch of the Gravenor family owned and lived in the Hollies in Enville in Staffordshire. His will is particularly fascinating as he died, aged 62, with no direct descendants. His long will details numerous cousins and relations. Continue reading →
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Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Banking Co.

When Henry Evans died, aged 83, on 1 July 1923, a large proportion of his estate was comprised of Barclays Bank B Shares. These must have been earned through a succession of Bank mergers from 1889 to 1916, when Barclays became the successor bank in a consolidation of the industry. Continue reading →
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John Bach of Dudley, died 1640

John Bach of Dudley, yeoman, left a will, probate 12 Aug 1640. He names his wife as Isabel and his children in the order William, Richard and John and daughters Isabel and Elizabeth. Continue reading →
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Thomas Clifton, died 1729

Thomas Clifton, a nailer from Halesowen, died about 31 Dec 1729 and left a will, held at Worcester, probate dated 9 Jan 1729/30. He is very likely the grandfather of Job Clifton (1734-1815). Unlike his putative grandson he is literate and signs his will. Continue reading →
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Humphrey Woodhouse, died 1629

Humphrey Woodhouse of Rowley Regis, who died and left a will in 1629, is an interesting genealogical link between the Turton, Woodhouse, Darby families at this time, all discussed in detail elsewhere on this site Continue reading →
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