The Pow-Wow: Unofficial Journal of U.P.S. Brigade

The Pow-Wow as defined by its creators was The Unofficial Journal of the Universities and Public Schools  (U.P.S.) Brigade (118th and later 98th). The intention was both to chronicle training in Epsom, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Woodcote, Clipstone and Tidworth and to amuse “two or  three thousand members of the Brigade for a few minutes each Friday”. Noel Downing treasured a complete set of 38 numbers issued from 18 Nov 1914 to 3 Sep 1915. Continue reading →
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Molly Evans’ WW1 Nursing Scrapbook

Molly Evans‘s nursing scrapbook covers the period 1914 to 1920. This includes a large number of photos, maps and newspaper articles of the period. It also contains letters, poems and testimonials of patients – British, Canadian and Belgian. Continue reading →
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Thomas Evans Stud Book

This small red book is embossed in gold lettering on the front “Sale of Mr T Evans’s Stud of Horses Aug 9,1833”. It seems to have been used by Thomas Evans for a large part of his life as an account book. In the early years he would have been still living at Pendeford Hall but latterly he moved to Gunstone House or Gunstone Hall (both appear). Continue reading →
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Cheshire Bible

The Cheshire family bible is a large bible published by Brown and Bentley in Birmingham in 1789. Its original owner was Edward Cheshire and he gives a date of 10 June 1796. Continue reading →
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This is a list of published books that have been cited or used in the compilation of this website. These are books that I have in my possession and are not generally available electronically.  Continue reading →
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This is a list of books that have been passed down and are of particular interest to the family history. Continue reading →
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