Emma Ida Palmer

Emma Ida Palmer was born on 23 Oct 1883 at 108 Ladbroke Grove Road, Notting Hill. Her parents were Henry Edwin Palmer, a commercial traveller and glove salesman and Elizabeth Jane (nee) Treleaven. Both came from around Plymouth. She was the youngest of three children and her older sister was born in Plymouth. The circumstances of her early life were probably quite tough but the fortune and addresses of her family steadily improved. Continue reading →

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Noel Letter to Mother 1915

This is the only war letter that has survived written by Noel Downing to his mother Hannah Pitt Downing.   It has no date but it seems to recount his early experiences at Ashtead as a private with the Royal Fusiliers and that would make it most probably around Feb 1915. It would seem to post date the other letter address-headed Ashtead to his sister Mary as the Public School boys are being moved from billets (like Mrs Drew) into the new camp.  Continue reading →

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Molly Evans trip to Jersey 1915

Molly Evans made a trip to Jersey in October 1915 and spent a week or so with Wilmot Evans her brother. It was the last time she saw him. She either came over on leave from Le Havre or was actually on her way over to Le Havre at the time to take up a post as a Nurse in the Voluntary Aid Detachment. Continue reading →

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No Mans Land Dec 1918

The following is a transcript of a description by Molly Evans, then a 28 year old nurse, of her day trip into no man’s land, immediately after the armistice on 10 Dec 1918. She was based with The Friends’ Ambulance Unit, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Dunkirk at the time. The handwritten pages are in her scrapbook, from where the images on this page are also drawn. Continue reading →

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World War 1 Nursing Scrapbook

Molly Evans‘s nursing scrapbook covers the period 1914 to 1920. This includes a large number of photos, maps and newspaper articles of the period. It also contains letters, poems and testimonials of patients – British, Canadian and Belgian. Continue reading →

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Noel to Molly Letter

This letter was written on 11 November 1916 – shortly after Noel Downing had returned to the trenches after taking up his commission in the Welsh Guards. Molly Evans has resigned her nursing post in France to return home to look after her mother, whose health had deteriorated after the death of Wilmot on the first day of the battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916. Continue reading →

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Noel Downing Welsh Guards

Originally William Noel Downing joined the 21st Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers (4th Public School) as a private. This was one of the many so-called ‘pals’ battalions set up in the massive wave of recruitment in Sep 1914. The battalion was first of all stationed and underwent training in Ashtead Surrey. A number of photos and letters have survived. A group of letters to his sister Mary give a picture of his billets and training activities in this period. Continue reading →

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Mulgrave Castle School

Noel Downing attended the small private Mulgrave Castle School from 1899 to approx 1903, based in Mulgrave Castle near Whitby. We have about thirty photographs of his time there – some official school photographs as well as his own snaps. Continue reading →

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William Noel Downing

Noel Downing was born in Moorfields, Church Lane, Handsworth on 16 Dec 1888, the only son and youngest child of William Edmund Downing. The records relating to him on this site are divided into a number of separate pages with some examples of the range of archives and material that still exist. Continue reading →

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