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Furniture (Evans 1770-1840)

A number of large items were sold at auction in 1974 including large dining room table, chairs. These came from the time at Pendeford Hall. A full scan with the details of the auction is available.

An example of some items are listed below:-

18th century Welsh Oak Dresser with three panel frieze drawers and delft rack on baluster turned supports united by plain stretchers – probably in the possession of John and Mary Evans 1775

George III mahogany brass bound wine cooler with double brass handles – perhaps from the Red Lion Inn

18th century oak country made Tall Boy of two short and six long drawers on bracket feature

19th century rosewood and marquetry musical box, playing eight airs

18th century flintlock pistol by Gill

19th century rosewood two handled work box with mother-of-pearl inlay on bun feet – known to belong to Sarah Evans (b 1828)


Richard Evans – One of pair framed in Darlington Street Wolverhampton. artist unknown – Date c1840

Mary Shaw-Hellier – One of pair framed in Darlington Street Wolverhampton. artist unknown – Date c1840

General Thomas Evans (prob) – Date c1825 Artist Richard Dighton

Charles Evans (prob) – Date c1825 Artist Richard Dighton

Ann Evans (b 1808) – silhouette – sister of Richard Evans, mother of Wilmot Edwardes

Wilmot Edwardes (b 1846) – c1855 as boy, her son – oval frame, oil on canvas 53x41cm

William Edmund Downing (b 1849) – watercolor sketch probably by Mary Simpson 1938

Molly Downing – silhouette c 1925

Emma Maria Martin (?)

See also daguerrotypes of about 1845 under Photographs.


Sarah Evans 1837

Mary Anne Willington 1817 – (married into the Shaw-Hellier family)

Mary Nicholls 1856 (not a relation)

Glass and China

Early 18th Century trumpet shaped rummer with etched decoration and monogram ‘R.E.’ on square base

Other Items

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