Descendant Trees

There are a number of descendant trees of key individuals which are stored on this site. These diagrams are stored as jpg file and can be expanded by clicking on them.

John Morgan – the family roots in Luccombe, Exmoor, Somerset

Mary Owen – matriarch of the Evans family of the Red Lion Inn, Wolverhampton.

Thomas Shaw-Hellier – friend and heir of Sir Samuel Hellier

Henry Gough – Henry Gough, a wealthy Wolverhampton draper who dies in 1655 is the common ancestor of Sir Samuel Hellier and Mary Shaw, the wife of Rev Thomas Shaw-Hellier. ie they are fourth cousins.

Edith Ogden – pedigree of Edith Ogden showing the relation between her parents and adoptive parents

John Downing – great grandfather of W E Downing born about 1745

Edward Cheshire – born in 1752 and father of John Cheshire, maltster of Smethwick

Edward III – This tree shows the likely direct line of descent from King Edward III to Daniel Shaw through the illegitimate daughter of Sir Edward Sutton, 5th Baron Dudley

Last updated on 19 June 2022 by JJ Morgan