Descendant Trees

There are a number of descendant trees of key individuals which are stored on this site. These diagrams are stored as jpg file and can be expanded by clicking on them.

John Morgan – the family roots in Luccombe, Exmoor, Somerset

Mary Owen – matriarch of the Evans family of the Red Lion Inn, Wolverhampton.

Thomas Shaw-Hellier – friend and heir of Sir Samuel Hellier

Henry Gough – Henry Gough, a wealthy Wolverhampton draper who dies in 1655 is the common ancestor of Sir Samuel Hellier and Mary Shaw, the wife of Rev Thomas Shaw-Hellier. ie they are fourth cousins.

Edith Ogden – pedigree of Edith Ogden showing the relation between her parents and adoptive parents

John Downing – great grandfather of W E Downing born about 1745

Edward Cheshire – born in 1752 and father of John Cheshire, maltster of Smethwick

Edward III – This tree shows the likely direct line of descent from King Edward III to Daniel Shaw through the illegitimate daughter of Sir Edward Sutton, 5th Baron Dudley

Last updated on 9 November 2021 by JJ Morgan