Family History

In our family tree we have catalogued over 5000 ancestors and relations. The names can be found in the index of names. The index refers to an off line database. If you want more information about any of the listed individuals please Contact Us.

The articles on this site take a number of forms. Most generally there are a series of biographies that draw on public sources but also on the private archive and other research of family members. The details of the family archives are listed in a separate menu and where possible are referenced as sources in the articles.

Some articles look at particular aspects that effected the lives of the individuals.This may be the place they lived or the work they were engaged in or the historical events that they were a part of. The ‘topics’ on the right or bottom of the screen are supposed to help to bring some of the themes together.

In addition there is an index of places that describes some of the homes and buildings directly associated with the families and individuals described.

The descendant trees are static pictures that help to illustrate some of the key branches of the extended tree that help identify the family and some of the more complex inter-relationships between different branches.

Please eMail using the Contact Us button if you have any general comments, questions or insights.

Some pages have ‘comment sections’ at the bottom where you can make specific comments about an article. You will need to register on the site to be able to make a comment in this way (under development)