Future Officers, 4th Public Schools Battalion

The 4th Public Schools Battalion, 21st Royal Fusiliers, did not land in France until Nov 1915, approximately one year after they first gathered in Ashtead, Surrey as newly enlisted recruits. We have pieced together from the photos in Noel Downing‘s (PS/2581) collection, the names and identities of some of his comrades in arms.  Continue reading →
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21st Battalion (4th Public Schools) Royal Fusiliers

Shortly after the outbreak of the First World War, Noel Downing enlisted and joined the 21st Battalion (4th Public Schools) Royal Fusiliers. In early Oct 1914 he arrived in Ashtead, Surrey where he was billeted. Noel kept a series of postcards that illustrate the new recruits’ arrival and early training and the construction of a vast encampment of huts in Woodcote Park, Epsom. Continue reading →
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Photo Books and Calendars

A few years ago we stared to print photo books and calendars for ourselves and close circle of family and friends. Each one contains the best pictures featuring people we met, places we visited and events which happened in the previous year. Continue reading →
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Florence Marten’s Photo Album

Florence Eliza Marten collected a large photo album of her relatives in the late 1870’s and 1880’s. Some descriptions are annotated by her but most appear to be done at a later date by her daughter, Molly Evans. Here is a list of the individual photos a number of which can be found posted on this web site. Continue reading →
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Donald Morgan in India 1946

Donald Cecil Morgan a Warrant Officer in the British Intelligence Corp set sail from England for India on 29 Dec 1945, aged 23. He had been called up and spent an initial period at Bletchley Park from Oct 1943 to Oct 1945 and was to spend the next ten months in India where tensions were high as it embarked on the road to Independence and eventual Partition. Continue reading →
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Photo Galleries

There are a number of photo galleries that accompany this web site. Further groupings will be added and referenced from the text of certain pages. To select a ‘gallery’ click on the folder icon below. A slide show of each gallery can be viewed by clicking on the ‘play’ button. Continue reading →
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Downing Sisters 1920s Photos

These pictures of Pamela, Hazel and Jill Downing, daughters of Noel and Molly, were taken by a professional photographer A. Clara Cooper, 203, Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham roughly at annual intervals in 1920s. Continue reading →
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Evans Daguerreotypes

We have a collection of nine daguerreotypes of the Evans family – mostly of youngish men. It has long been presumed that they are the sons of Richard Evans (b 1797) and Mary Evans (nee Shaw-Hellier). They were in the possession of Mary at her death in 1878 and passed to her children Sarah and Henry. However, there are major problems with identification and the precise identity of each is difficult to determine. The issues are as follows. Continue reading →
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Mulgrave Castle School

Noel Downing attended the small private prep school called Mulgrave Castle School from 1899 to 1902. It was based in Mulgrave Castle near Whitby, the seat of the Phipps family. We have about thirty photographs of his time there – some official school photographs as well as his own snaps. Continue reading →
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South Staffordshire Regiment in Gibraltar, 1911-1913

We have a fine collection of annotated photographs of the Presentation of Colours to the 1st Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment by King George V on 31 Jan 1912. The event took place on the Alameda Parade, Gibraltar and would have been redolent of historical connections of the regiment – the Old Colours had been presented on the same ground on 5 Jan 1887. Continue reading →
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Old Photos

The collection of old nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs is extensive and some are not easily identifiable. Continue reading →
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