Henry Evans Unexecuted Will 10 Feb 1880

This is a transcript of the handwritten original of Henry Evans‘s will drawn up aged 39 shortly after his mother’s death when he is living with his sister Sarah and before he married Florence.


The Bank Wol. !0 Feby 80

This is the last will and testament by which I revoke all other wills. First I wish that all my just debts shall be paid also my funeral expenses and I desire that my funeral shall be of the simplest kind that no mourning coaches shall be used and that if I die within reasonable distance that I shall be buried in the family vault at Tettenhall. I leave to me brother George for his own use the sum of £50 and I leave to my brother Thomas the sum of £50 to be paid to him at the rate of 10/- a week so long as it lasts but my executor shall not be called upon to pay such sum if he comes to W’hampton or in any way interferes with her and I leave to him a further sum of £20 to be paid to him on the 25 Dec for four years so long as he remain in Australia or out of the United Kingdom to my brother Charles the like sum of £20 to my brother William £20 – to my sister Sarah in trust for my niece Marian the eldest daughter of my brother George the sum of £150 to be spent on her education if she should not at my death have reached the age of 18 years and I leave the rest of my property of whatsoever kind to my sister Sarah the wife CRO Evans for her own use without control of any husband and I make my sister Sarah my sole executrix.

Signed in our presence and in the presence of each other

the 10th day of February 1880

Henry Evans

EH Bowring 1 Oak Street Wolverhampton

Wm Baker 50 Compton Road, Wolverhampton



  • The witness, Ernest Hugh Bowring, was a 20 year old Bank clerk, born in Jersey.
  • The witness, William Baker, was another Banker’s clerk, 27 years old, born 1853 Norfolk
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