Jeremiah Dimmack

Jeremiah Dimmack was born in Kingswinford in about 1781, the only son of Richard Harper Dimmack and Jane Thomings. He was baptized on 7 Oct 1781 in Brierley Hill. His mother died when he was very young and was buried in Brierley Hill on 9 Sep 1783.  His father promptly remarried his wife’s sister Sarah Thomings on 6 Dec 1784 in Halesowen. His grandfather was Jeremiah Thomings.

Jeremiah was involved in the iron industry and a few records shed light on his activity.

He married Jane Bagnall, the eldest daughter of Edward Bagnall on 27 Jul 1806 at St Philips Birmingham. Jane Bagnall’s grandfather was John Bagnall of Broseley, a coalmaster and engineer, a forebear of the important West Bromwich iron foundry of John Bagnall and Sons. An announcement in the Monthly Magazine and Register (Vol 22) tells of the marriage, “at Birmingham of Mr Dimmock (sic) of Moor Croft Iron Works and Miss Bagnall, daughter of the late Mr Edw B of Wednesbury”

Jeremiah was in a partnership with his brother-in-law, Edward Bagnall and Edward’s uncle Daniel and his brother(?) also Daniel Bagnall, known as Bagnalls and Dimmack. The London Gazette records the dissolution of a number of these partnerships dated 8 Feb 1811. This may mark the passing of various partnerships down a generation to Jeremiah and Daniel Bagnall (jnr) or it could show a break with the main Bagnall family whose iron interests focused on the business of the eldest brother John Bagnall and Sons of West Bromwich. The interests of the descendants of the two younger Bagnall brothers, Edward and Daniel, appear to have been much diminished after the death of Edward Bagnall, Jeremiah’s father-in-law, in 1805.

Jeremiah Dimmack is recorded as being an iron and coal master of the Moor Croft Iron works in Bilston in an 1818 Trade Directory, but it is not clear whether it was he who set this up or not. He, nonetheless, is recorded as filing a patent in 22 Jun 1812 for an improved method of pig iron founding. (Pat 3659 52 Geo III)

In 1822 he went bankrupt together with his partner Elizabeth Thomings. The bankruptcy meeting was called and held at the George Inn, Digbeth on 14 Apr 1822. Elizabeth Thomings was the widow of Jeremiah Thomings (b 1768) his mother’s brother. This event would lead one to suspect that the Moor Croft Iron works were in fact managed as a family concern between Jeremiah’s parents’ families – the Dimmacks and Thomings’s

Jeremiah and Jane Dimmack had at least nine children, seven of which made it to adulthood. Certainly from the 1820’s onwards they attended the Swan Bank Methodist church and both are recorded as being buried by that church. A number of the Bagnall family were Wesleyans and it is probably because of this non-conformism that the record of Jane’s baptism has not survived.

Jeremiah was buried 18 Sep 1848 and his widow eighteen months later on 2 Feb 1850.


Family of Jeremiah DIMMACK and Jane BAGNALL

Husband:Jeremiah DIMMACK (bap.1781, bur.1848)
Wife:Jane BAGNALL (bap.1787, bur.1850)
Children:Mary Ann Bagnall DIMMACK (1807-1866)
Edward Bagnall DIMMACK (1808-1875)
William Henry DIMMACK (b.1811, bur.1826)
Alonzo DIMMACK (b.1813, bur.1813)
Jane Thomings DIMMACK (bap.1816, d.c. 1850)
Jeremiah Bagnall DIMMACK (1818-1893)
George Frederick DIMMACK (1820-1905)
Emma Selina DIMMACK (1823-1893)
Richard Harper DIMMACK (b.1825, bur.1826)
Theophilus Davies DIMMACK (1828-1855)
Marriage27 Jul 1806St Philip’s Birmingham
Monthly Magazine and Register Volume 22 records the marriage of Mr Dimmock (sic) and Miss Bagnall daughter of the late Mr Edward Bagnall of Wednesbury

Husband: Jeremiah DIMMACK

Name:Jeremiah DIMMACK
Father:Richard Harper DIMMACK (bap.1758, bur.1803)
Mother:Jane THOMINGS (bap.1762, bur.1783)
Baptism7 Oct 1781Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Patent26 May 1812No 3569 Patented Iron manufacturing grate
Bankruptcy20 Apr 1822Listed with Elizabeth Thomings, pig iron makers of Kingswinford
Residence1841Dudley Road, Parish of Kingswinford with wife Jane and Mary Ann, Jane and Emma
Occupationbtw 1841 and 1842Iron Merchant
Burial18 Sep 1848Swan Bank Methodist Church, Wolverhampton

Wife: Jane BAGNALL

Father:Edward BAGNALL (bap.1761, d.1805)
Mother:Mary WILKES (c. 1760-1834)
Baptism18 Jul 1787St Lawrence, Darlaston
Burial2 Feb 1850Wolverhampton Methodists

Child 1: Mary Ann Bagnall DIMMACK

Name:Mary Ann Bagnall DIMMACK
Birth29 Oct 1807Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism26 Jul 1816 (age 8)St Lawrence, Darlaston
Residence1851 (age 43-44)Bilston with ‘brother’ Theophilus
Residence1861 (age 53-54)Wolverhampton with sister in law Eleanor Thorneycroft
This helps tie her mother Jane Bagnall to her sister Martha Bagnall and helps with the Bagnall ancestry
Death1866 (age 58-59)Wolverhampton

Child 2: Edward Bagnall DIMMACK

Name:Edward Bagnall DIMMACK
Spouse:Anne THOMPSON (1801-1881)
Birth19 Nov 1808Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism25 Dec 1808 (age 0)St Lawrence, Darlaston
Residence1841 (age 32-33)Church Street, Bilston
Occupationbtw 1841 and 1864 (age 32-56)Ironworks Proprietor; Staffordshire and South Wales
Residence1850 (age 41-42)
Described as Edward Bagnall Dimmack of Pontypool
Occupation17 Dec 1852 (age 44)Appointed director of South Staffordshire Water Company (Henry Marten chief engineer)
Occupation1 Feb 1853 (age 44)Appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Staffodshire
Occupation1856 (age 47-48)JP and High Sheriff for the county of Monmouth
Occupation1856 (age 47-48)Went into partnership with Henry Marten
Occupation30 Jan 1856 (age 47)attendant of ceremony; Buckingham Palace in front of Queen Victoria
All high Sherrifs attend Buckingham Palace
Occupationc. 1870 (age 61-62)JP for Staffordshire
Occupation1875 (age 66-67)
Parkfield Iron Company wound up after EB Dimmacks death
DeathQ1 1875 (age 66)

Child 3: William Henry DIMMACK

Name:William Henry DIMMACK
Birth10 Feb 1811Darlaston
Baptism9 Jun 1811 (age 0)St Lawrence, Darlaston
Burial29 Jan 1826Wolverhampton Methodist

Child 4: Alonzo DIMMACK

Name:Alonzo DIMMACK
Birth8 Feb 1813
Baptism23 Feb 1813 (age 0)Wednesbury

Child 5: Jane Thomings DIMMACK

Name:Jane Thomings DIMMACK
Spouse:Henry HOLLOWAY ( – )
Baptism26 Jul 1816St Lawrence, Darlaston
Deathc. 1850

Child 6: Jeremiah Bagnall DIMMACK

Name:Jeremiah Bagnall DIMMACK
Spouse:Eliza HICKMAN (1815-1883)
Birth1818Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism12 Feb 1818 (age 0)St Lawrence, Darlaston
Occupation1841 (age 22-23)Plumber
Occupation1842 (age 23-24)Printer
Occupation1861 (age 42-43)Iron Merchant
Occupation1871 (age 52-53)Iron Merchant employing 12 men
Residence1891 (age 72-73)Widower living with niece Isabella Howell in Wolverhampton (Retired Iron Merchant aged 73)
Death26 Aug 1893 (age 74-75)Wolverhampton

Child 7: George Frederick DIMMACK

Name:George Frederick DIMMACK
Spouse:Mary Mildred NORTON (1824-1879)
Birth14 Jan 1820Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism12 Mar 1820 (age 0)St Lawrence, Darlaston
Occupation1851 (age 30-31)Iron Merchant; Ironmaster (aged 29) single
Death5 Aug 1905 (age 85)Graveley Hill

Child 8: Emma Selina DIMMACK

Name:Emma Selina DIMMACK
Spouse:John STEWARD (1816-bef1893)
Birth1823Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Death24 Oct 1893 (age 69-70)Merridale Road, Wolverhampton

Child 9: Richard Harper DIMMACK

Name:Richard Harper DIMMACK
Birth1 Feb 1825Staffordshire
Baptism1 Apr 1825 (age 0)St Lawrence, Darlaston
Burial19 Feb 1826Wolverhampton Methodists

Child 10: Theophilus Davies DIMMACK

Name:Theophilus Davies DIMMACK
Birth31 May 1828Varteg, Monmouthshire
Baptism27 Jul 1829 (age 1)High St Independent, Stourbridge
Residence1851 (age 22-23)Living with sister Mary Ann (Iron Merchant)
Death1855 (age 26-27)Wolverhampton