Maurice Goldman

Maurice Goldman 1947

Maurice Goldman 1947

Maurice Goldman was born in Stamford Hill on 30 Jul 1908, eldest son to Benjamin Goldman and his wife Rachel Festenstein. In the 1880’s, Benjamin Goldman, as a young child had fled Russia with his parents as Jewish emigres. He went on to found a successful Timber Business in London called B Goldman and Sons.

Benjamin died in 1942 and left a large amount of money. This was the basis of the Daubeney Investment Trust established in 1947 and managed by his two unmarried sons Maurice and Laurence.

Over the next forty years Maurice accumulated a substantial collection of twentieth century works of art. Both brothers died childless in 1988 and 1994 respectively.

The wills of the brothers distributed the wealth to a large number of charities. The legacies included the creation of a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Arts.



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