Wolverhampton Chronicle

Extracts from the paper

No 32: 7th April 1790

“To be let and entered upon immediately that well known Inn, THE RED LION IN WOLVERHAMPTON replete with every Accommodation and so advantageously situated for business as to ensure Success to any person qualified to conduct it. About 90 Acres of excellent Land may be had with the House and a Lease thereof granted to a proper tenant…”

No 34: 21st April 1790

“Red Lion and Old Bell Inns” – Mary Evans and son return their sincere thanks to their friends for the many favours already received at the Old Bell…they have taken that capital and commodious Inn the Red Lion (in succession to Mr Badger)…they intend to keep open both Inns.. they have purchased an elegant plate glass chariot with lamps, post coaches, chaises, a hearse and mourning coaches…

WANTED : A cook (high wages), two waiters (unexceptionable character) and a man that can brew

No 35: 28th April 1790

Mr Joshua Badger, late of the Red Lion Inn (his pew in the Collegiate Church to be sold) Theatrical performance (Hamilton family group) at Assembly Room, Red Lion W-ton

No 80; Wed 9 March 1791

On Sunday morning last at the collegiate Church in this town Mr J L Hayley, mercer to Miss Mary Evans daughter of Mrs Evans, mistress of the Red Lion Inn.

No 82: 22 March 1791

Sale of the Old Bell Inn – large yard and entrances upwards of a century old and partly rebuilt

No 84: 6 April 1791

Henry Pulleyn from the city of York respectfully informs the nobility gentry and the public in general that he has purchased that old-established Inn known by the name of the Old Bell Inn which has been in full business upwards of a century past and that he shall enter thereon upon the 15th April Inst…Till his entering upon it the house will be kept open as usual by Mrs Evans.

No 136 4 April 1792

On Wednesday morning after a lingering illness deservedly lamented by her family and friends Mrs Evans of the Red Lion Inn in this town

No 139 25 April 1792

RED LION INN R Evans embraces the earliest opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to the nobility, gentry, travellers, and the public in general, for the many favours conferred on his late deceased mother during her residence at the Bell and for their generous patronage and support in her removal to the Red Lion; which said Inn he intends to keep open for the benefit of himself and his younger brothers and sisters, and is determined that no expense is spared, or attention wanting to accommodate those gentlemen, who will be pleased to honour him with their commands. Hearse and Mourning coaches, Post coach, chaises and horses at the usual prices.

No 190 Wed 1 May 1793

On Saturday last at Old Swinford Mr Richard Evans of the Old Red Lion Inn in this town to Miss S Stiles, daughter of Mr Stiles of the Crown Inn Stourbridge

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