WW1 Artworks

Molly Evans‘s scrapbook contains a number of artworks, created not only by professionals like British artist Ernest Procter or Flemish artist Joseph Dezitter, but also by her fellow servicemen, patients and herself.

H.A. Armitage, c. 1918

H.A. Armitage, c. 1918

Below are details we know so far in regards to some amateur artists who were members of the Friends’ Ambulance Unit.

  • Harold Adair Armitage (1885-1942), a draughtsman from Nottingham, served with the FAU from December 1915 to the end of January 1919 as a mechanic and an orderly.
  • Allen Chandler (1887-1969), an architect from Haslemere, Surrey, served with the FAU from January 1915 to January 1919 as a cook.
  • Arthur Heyworth Vickery (1893-1974), a metal merchant from Buxton, Derbyshire, served with the FAU from January 1916 to January 1919 as a nursing orderly and then as a clerk. He worked side by side with Molly at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Dunkirk. There is a record in her Cash Account about acquiring the pictures: 05.12.18 – Mr Vickery’s drawings – 5.20fr.

All three were conscientious objectors.

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