Ann Maria Downing Letter

This letter is from George Downing’s wife Ann Maria Downing (nee Collins). It is written to Sarah and Eliza, her husband’s sisters. Her brother-in-law William did not marry in fact until 1856. The ‘sly miss’ probably refers to the fact that Sarah has just married or got engaged to William Laister in North Wales. The dates of this wedding have not been checked (Q3 1853 Bangor). The Donkeys reference could therefore be to some kind of honeymoon and could even be the earliest evidence of the Downing’s holiday interest in Llandudno.

Thursday June 30 /53

My Dear Sister(s)

I received your note and am glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves likewise.Sorry to hear that you have a cold. I should have answered your note before but have been rather busy being washing week. You told me in your note that you have some Donkeys there but I think I should prefer the water before those Noble Animals. I went to Smethwick last week and took both the children and we had a very unpleasant journey back for it rained all the way. I hope the weather is not so unsettled there as it is here for if it is you cannot enjoy yourselves much. William called on Monday for his umbrella and said it would be his turn next to go on a Marriage Excursion. You sly miss you might have said what you were going to do but now I must conclude with kind love from us all believe me.

Your affectionate sister

AM Downing

PS Tell Eliza she must write for if she does not I shall be half offended

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