Anne Evans

Anne Evans was recorded as being born on 27 Apr 1808 in the Evans Bible, the youngest child of Richard Evans and Sarah Styles. She was baptized on 6 Sep 1811 at St Peter’s Collegiate Church in Wolverhampton.

Anne Evans Silhouette, c 1875

She married George Edwardes, a surgeon from Chapel Ash in the same St Peter’s church on 29 Oct 1835. George, born 28 Apr 1808, was a founding doctor of the early South Staffordshire Hospital. He qualified as an MRCS (Eng) in 1838 and became a FRCS in 1853. However, he spent the last fifteen years of life as a General Practitioner in Wolverhampton. As far as can be told the couple only had two children and no grandchildren. The lack of descendants may explain why some artifacts from the Edwardes family end up in the hands of Anne’s nephew Henry Evans.

George Edwardes died aged 51 of diphtheria, allegedly contracted from a patient, in May 1859 but his widow Anne lived on until 1888. Her last surviving child Wilmot died in 1883, unmarried at the age of 37. The charming portrait of the young Wilmot hung prominently in the dining room at Upton and it seems reasonable to presume that Henry Evans named his own son Wilmot in part after his first cousin Wilmot Edwardes. Henry was executor of both Wilmot and Anne’s wills.

Wilmot Edwardes as a young boy

Anne Edwardes was the longest surviving and last of the children of Richard Evans (Snr) when she died on 26 Jan 1888.


Family of George EDWARDES and Anne EVANS

Husband:George EDWARDES (1808-1859)
Wife:Anne EVANS (1808-1888)
Children:Maria EDWARDES (1837-bef1851)
Wilmot Llewellyn EDWARDES (1845-1883)
Marriage29 Oct 1835St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton

Husband: George EDWARDES

Name:George EDWARDES
Birth28 Apr 1808Claverley, Shropshire
Occupationbtw 1838 and 1859 (age 29-51)Surgeon (MRCS Eng); Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton
Residence1845 (age 36-37)Chapel House, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton
Occupation1853 (age 44-45)FRCS (elected)
Death29 May 1859 (age 51)Tottenham Road, Wolverhampton
Cause: Diphtheria

Wife: Anne EVANS

Name:Anne EVANS
Father:Richard EVANS (1768-1841)
Mother:Sarah STYLES (bap.1775, d.1812)
Birth27 Apr 1808Wolverhampton
Baptism6 Sep 1811 (age 3)St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton
Death26 Jan 1888 (age 79)Tettenhall Wood

Child 1: Maria EDWARDES

Deathbef 1851 (age 13-14)

Child 2: Wilmot Llewellyn EDWARDES

Name:Wilmot Llewellyn EDWARDES
BirthDec 1845Codsall
Baptism21 Dec 1845 (age 0)Codsall
Portraitc. 1853 (age 7-8)In Dining Room of 15 Bourne End Road
Death10 Apr 1883 (age 37)Tettenhall Wood
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