Charles Hellier Davis Evans

Charles Hellier Davis Evans, known as Hellier, was the eldest son of Charles Evans. He was born on 28 May 1873 in Gisborne, New Zealand. Just as his father Charles communicated with his brother, Henry, back in England so too did Hellier with his first cousin Molly Downing.

The collection of photos sent back from New Zealand in the 1890’s is therefore supplemented, a generation later, by a large set, from the 1920’s and 1930’s. This includes voluminous correspondence written largely by Hellier, but also a number of annotated photos and letters by his wife Vera.

Hellier Evans with his son Scott on Anzac Day, 25 Apr 1931

Hellier Evans with his son Scott on Anzac Day, 25 Apr 1931

Hellier served in the First World war in the New Zealand Cyclist Battalion, attaining the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and being awarded the DSO. He only married Vera D’Enet, 26 years his junior, after the war on 20 Sep 1921 when he was 48.

We know from Molly’s diary, that Hellier was in London on 7 Aug 1919 where he met up with Molly and her recently wed husband, Noel Downing.

The photos here show Hellier and Vera’s first son, Scott Evans, born 1922, at their home in Brisbane, The last half of his life was all spent in Australia, where he had worked for Dalgety’s prior to the war.  A second son, Christopher, was born in 1936.

He died in Adelaide on 18 Nov 1956.

Sources and Notes

  • The name ‘Hellier’ has a long heritage right back to Sir Samuel Hellier, the benefactor of his great great grandfather Thomas Shaw-Hellier. The details of this lineage can be found across this web site.
  • Catalogue of Correspondence to Molly in our Archive
    • Five (?) Letters 1930-1938 from Hellier (details to be added)
    • Letter dated 19 Apr 1943 from Hellier
    • Letter dated 13 Mar 1946 from Hellier
    • Letter dated 31 Jul 1949 from Hellier
    • Letter dated 17 May 1950 from Hellier
    • Five Letters dated 1967-1969 from Vera later Vera Pearse
    • Also letter from Scott Evans to Pamela Morgan (Molly’s daughter) 12 Dec 1984
  • There are approximately twenty five photos in all from Hellier, not shown here are:-
    • Lady with baby in front of car dated 11/2/23 description of the car on reverse! (Prob Vera and Scott)
    • Same lady with baby dated 11/2/23 – no comment (no car)
    • Scott on Bonny at Harleys (6 yr old on pony)
    • The camp at Cugen NSW Oct 1926
    • Scott and Michael (Frank’s boy)
    • Dudley and Annie
    • At Sigmas place Gisborne (June, Hellier, Sigma, Scott, Bryan (Sigs boy), Beryl, Jocelyn (Thetas eldest)
    • Theta in her garden at Gisborne
    • My house at Clayfield Brisbane – the garage and all fencing were erected by ME
    • Myself and the son taken in the garden of our flat on ANZAC day 25 April 1931
    • Jeannette (Thetas youngest)
    • Dennis and Kitty Pearse (Alpha’s children) Sep 1928
    • Annie Evans (Dudleys wife) June, Barbara, Dad ,Annie and Scott
    • View of our back garden- broad beans on left next to garage