Alpha and Theta Evans, Gisborne Portraits, 1897

Amongst the collection of photos kept by Henry Evans are the portraits of his two nieces Alpha and Theta Evans. They are the two older daughters of his brother Charles Evans, and form part of a batch of six surviving photos sent back to England in about 1897.

Both photos are identified on the rear in the hand of Molly Evans. The photo of Theta also has the name ‘Theta’ written on the front in a different hand. Molly has put a question mark in front of Alpha’s name – so it could possibly be the other sister, Sigma Evans.

The photo of Alpha is in poor condition and may have some illegible writing on the front too, possibly confirming it as Alpha. The studio on the photo is named and indicates it could possibly have been taken in Wellington.


Last updated on 8 November 2022 by JJ Morgan