Edmund Clifton

Edmund Clifton was baptised on 24 Mar 1776 in St Giles, Rowley Regis. His father was Job Clifton and his mother Alice Darby. The parish register of Rowley Regis records that when his parents died in 1815 and 1819 respectively they lived in Park House in Rowley. This then was probably the house that Edmund and his brothers Job and Samuel were brought up in. The Cliftons were essentially farmers of a middling status, but this economic activity was undergoing substantial change spurred by the rapid urbanisation of the area.

His younger brother Samuel married into the Willets family and became a butcher.

Edmund married Susannah Horton on 25 Mar 1805. The marriage form shows that Edmund was illiterate. The Hortons were one of a group of families who frequented the Old Church in Smethwick, which as a distant Chapel of Ease to St Peter’s, Harborne was self evidently low Anglican and had some interchange with neighbouring Non Conformist churches. It was, for example, not permitted to perform marriages. A witness at Edmund and Susannah’s wedding held at St Philip’s Birmingham was Thomas Collins (1764-1829), a licensed victualler married to Susannah Horton’s older sister Ann (bap 21 Aug 1774).

Edmund and Susannah had ten children, eight of whom were daughters. The intermarrying between the Collins family and a number of other families associated with Smethwick Old Church was significant.

Susannah had a brother called Joseph Horton who died in Edgbaston in 1837 leaving a will that confirms a lot of the close knit relationships with the Collins family.

His daughter Elizabeth (bap 18 Oct 1807) married her first cousin Joseph Collins a maltster and miller, son of Edmund’s brother in law Thomas Collins.

His daughter Alice (bap 23 Apr 1820) married her first cousin once removed John Collins (b 1816), son of John Collins (b 1794) the eldest son of the same Thomas Collins.

Significantly for the lines recorded on this website his daughter Emma (bap 28 Nov 1824) married William Downing, maltster, a family who had earlier moved from Smethwick Old Church to the Presbyterian Church in Oldbury. Emma died aged 26 leaving three small children including William Edmund Downing.

Edmund’s wife Susannah herself died and was buried in Smethwick Old Church on 5 Jun 1841. Edmund subsequently remarried Elizabeth Wilks (nee White) on 5 Feb 1844 at the age of 68. This marriage gave him one further daughter Ellen Clifton.

Edmund died on 14 Feb 1861 in Booth Street, Handsworth and was buried in Smethwick Old Church. His younger widow was also buried alongside him much later on 10 Dec 1879. But his youngest daughter Ellen Salis is recorded as dying in the very same house as her father in Booth Street on 9 Apr 1921 some sixty years later.

Edmund’s estate in 1861 was valued at £450, which probably included the house retained for so long by his daughter.


Parish Registers of St Giles, Rowley Regis (SPRS transcription)

Parish Registers of Smethwick Old Church (Freereg)

Will of Joseph Horton Farmer of Edgbaston, PCC Probate 3 Oct 1837 (Brother-in-law)

Will of Samuel Clifton Farmer of Alvechurch, PCC Probate 29 Dec 1852 – written 1837 (Brother)


Family of Edmund CLIFTON and Susannah HORTON

Husband:Edmund CLIFTON (1776-1861)
Wife:Susannah HORTON (bap.1783, d.1841)
Children:Richard CLIFTON (bap.1806, d.1870)
Elizabeth CLIFTON (bap.1807, d.c. 1883)
Mary CLIFTON (1809- )
Sarah CLIFTON (1811- )
Edmund CLIFTON (1813-1895)
Susannah CLIFTON (bap.1818)
Alice CLIFTON (1820-aft1881)
Maria CLIFTON (bap.1823)
Emma CLIFTON (1824-1851)
Caroline CLIFTON (bap.1827, d.1858)
Marriage25 Mar 1805St Philips Birmingham

Husband: Edmund CLIFTON

Name:Edmund CLIFTON
Father:Job CLIFTON (bap.1734, d.1815)
Mother:Alice DARBY (bap.1745, bur.1819)
Birth1776Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism24 Mar 1776 (age 0)Rowley Regis Staffordshire
Death14 Feb 1861 (age 84-85)Booth Street, Handsworth, Warwickshire

Wife: Susannah HORTON

Name:Susannah HORTON
Father:Joseph HORTON (bap.1738, bur.1786)
Mother:Elizabeth (b.1745, bur.1824)
Baptism27 Jul 1783Smethwick Old Church

Child 1: Richard CLIFTON

Name:Richard CLIFTON
Spouse:Sarah NIGHTINGALE (bap.1809)
Baptism22 Jun 1806Oldbury, Worcestershire
OccupationMaltster and Victualler
Death10 Jun 1870Oldbury, Worcestershire

Child 2: Elizabeth CLIFTON

Name:Elizabeth CLIFTON
Spouse:Joseph COLLINS (bap.1802, d.1885)
Baptism18 Oct 1807Oldbury, Worcestershire
Deathc. 1883

Child 3: Mary CLIFTON

Spouse:William PROBERT? ( – )
Birth1809Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism28 May 1809 (age 0)

Child 4: Sarah CLIFTON

Name:Sarah CLIFTON
Baptism8 Dec 1811 (age 0)Oldbury, Worcestershire

Child 5: Edmund CLIFTON

Name:Edmund CLIFTON
Birth1813Langley, Worcestershire
Baptism19 Dec 1813 (age 0)Oldbury, Worcestershire
Death1895 (age 81-82)

Child 6: Susannah CLIFTON

Name:Susannah CLIFTON
Baptism1 Mar 1818Oldbury, Worcestershire

Child 7: Alice CLIFTON

Name:Alice CLIFTON
Spouse:John COLLINS (c. 1816-aft1881)
Birth1820Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism23 Apr 1820 (age 0)Oldbury, Worcestershire
Deathaft 1881 (age 60-61)

Child 8: Maria CLIFTON

Name:Maria CLIFTON
Baptism26 Jan 1823Oldbury, Worcestershire

Child 9: Emma CLIFTON

Spouse:William DOWNING (1821-1901)
Birth1824Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism28 Nov 1824 (age 0)
Artefactc. 1849 (age 24-25)Letter to my sisters – Sarah and Eliza
Death10 Jun 1851 (age 26-27)Smethwick, Staffordshire

Child 10: Caroline CLIFTON

Name:Caroline CLIFTON
Spouse:Richard SANKEY (c. 1823-1867)
Baptism26 Aug 1827Oldbury, Worcestershire
Death5 Dec 1858
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