Hubert Bindon Marten

Hubert Bindon Marten was the son of Edward Bindon Marten born on 6 May 1864 in Pedmore. Both his father and his uncle, Henry John Marten were engineers and it is perhaps not surprising Hubert followed in this profession.

Hubert Bindon Marten family, c. 1905. Photo by F.A. Swaine, Southsea

Hubert Bindon Marten family, c. 1905. Photo by F.A. Swaine, Southsea

The two Marten brothers had landed in the West Midlands when Henry Marten had precociously been appointed Chief Water Engineer for Wolverhampton in 1847. Edward Bindon Marten, who specialised in Boilers, had two children Hubert and Hilda. Both Hubert and Hilda were brought up in close proximity to their cousins, the children of Henry, who all lived for a time in nearby Penn Hall.

Hilda married a Scottish Iron Master George Macpherson. Hubert married Mabel Caroline Barron, the daughter of Netterville John Barron on 26 Oct 1899.

Hubert became Managing Director of Messrs HV Smith and Co in 1909 and specialised in Asphalt and Road Construction.

The photo shows Hubert and his family and was kept by Molly Evans, granddaughter of Henry Marten by his daughter Florence. The two children were born in 1902 and 1904 respectively.

His daughter Minnie married James Masterton-Smith. His son Humphrey Hubert Bindon Marten was yet another engineer

Hubert died in Chelsea on 3 Jan 1938.

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