Hut 6, Bletchley Park Reunion 1981

The Hut 6, Bletchley Park Reunion in May 1981 was the first big gathering after almost 40 years of secrecy. It was a significant challenge to reach as many people as possible as all official records had been deliberately destroyed.

Pamela Morgan (née Downing) who served in Hut 6 from Oct 1941 to Aug 1945 was amongst a small circle of Bletchley friends who started the process. According to documents kept in her archive 133 people were contacted and 79 came to the reunion (see below) which took place in London on 9 May 1981.

Bletchley Park, Hut 6 Reunion 1981

9 May 1981 Hut 6 Reunion at Pam Bevington’s. Names on reverse side are in Pamela’s handwriting.
Standing LR: ?, Helen Dean, Marjorie Gann, Stephanie Smith née Dick, Epi – Doreen Eperson, possibly Bertie Bruce née Miller.
Seated LR: ?, April Wells née Wickham, self – Pamela Morgan née Downing, Rosemary Terry née Davidson

All formally started by Mary Wilson writing a letter on 5 Sep 1980 to her close friends who in turn sent it on to everyone else they knew to collect names and addresses.

Below is Pamela’s draft letter she wrote on to her friends as a response to Mary’s original letter.

Northwood, Middlesex
10 Sep 1980


I’ve just received a letter from Mary Wilson who is now retired.

She says she had recently met Mary (née Groves) who had returned from Scotland having met Ann [Mitchell] (née Williamson) & Ailsa MacDonald. These 3 had apparently come up with the idea of a Hut 6 reunion to include as many people as possible.

Mary (Wilson) has asked me to write to my BP contacts to get reactions to this suggestion. She has written to Jane & John Monroe, Joan (née Ambler) & Christine Whatham.

Mary (Groves) is sounding out now within her circle.

I wonder if you could let me know what you feel about this. Any comments on possible venue or time of the year would be helpful together with names of any folk interested in such a gathering.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hope all is well with you.

Yours Pam

Then events started to unfold very quickly. A list of names and addresses including references to married name were created and by 2 Oct 1980 details began to fall in place.

Sundridge, Sevenoaks, Kent
2 Oct 1980

Dear Pam

… I think Pam Bev’s offer of her flat to be super and have dropped a line to her saying so. I don’t think we shall rustle up anything approaching 80. I think before “mid March” (when Toby goes to Canada) would be rather too early. How about some time early in May? The clocks would have changed and we might even get some reasonable weather…

With best wishes & love
from Mary

On 12 Feb 1981 invitation cards were ready:

Hut 6, Bletchley Park Reunion 1981 invitation card

Hut 6, Bletchley Park Reunion 1981 invitation card

Below (or click here) is the final version of the contact list. The last update was made on 12 May 1981 to include information (first column) about who actually was present at the reunion. Please note that a released online copy has all addresses obfuscated.

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