Mary Elizabeth Lloyd (née Edginton)

Mary Edginton was the youngest daughter of Robert William Edginton, an Edgbaston Doctor and Elizabeth Baker Showell, his wife. She was born on 10 Jul 1890 and married Ernest Robert Vivian Lloyd in 1918.  She was a first cousin to Noel Downing. Both their mothers were daughters of the brewer Walter Showell.

Her daughter Nancy Elizabeth Lloyd, later Nancy Scott-MacKirdy, was a childhood friend (and second cousin) of Pam and Hazel Downing. This may be because she attended Edgbaston High School as did the Downing Sisters.

Mr E R V Lloyd was an engineer and the young family spent time in Canada but by 1929 they seem to have a series of addresses in Gloucestershire around Stroud. The postcard in one album shows the large house in Wick Street, labelled Mary Lloyd’s House. Molly Downing‘s address book reveals other addresses in the area, suggesting that the family moved frequently.

Mary Lloyd's House, Wick Street, Gloucestershire

Mary Lloyd’s House, Wick Street, Gloucestershire

Dr Edginton and his wife, Mary’s parents, retired and died in Somerset. Mary’s two elder sisters, Dorothy and Winnie never married. Her younger brother Robert Walter Laurence Edginton was killed in Belgium on 3 Jun 1915. She herself died on 16 Mar 1969.

The various Edginton’s of all generations were apparently frequent visitors to the Edgbaston home of the Downings in the 1930’s.

Sources and Notes

  • Pocket Diary and address books of Molly Evans
  • Nancy Lloyd was born 8 Jul 1923