Mary Shaw-Hellier

Mary Shaw Hellier was born on 27 February 1801, the third daughter of James Shaw-Hellier of Wombourne.  She was baptized at St Thomas’s Dudley on 21 April 1801. 

Portrait of Mary Shaw Hellier

She spent some of her early childhood on the estate at Barnhurst, as well as her grandfather’s house, the Wodehouse Wombourne. Her parents had been enriched by the legacy of Sir Samuel Hellier in 1786 and she herself was left a considerable amount of money by her Grandfather, Rev Thomas Shaw-Hellier by his will of 1812.

On 2 March 1824 she married Richard Evans, whose family were important owners of Inn Keeping and Coaching businesses in Wolverhampton. Probably at the time of the marriage the family together with her father-in-law moved to Pendeford Hall, a neighbouring estate to Barnhurst owned by the Fowler family. In 1837 she is cited in a law suit brought about to decide upon the interpretation of her grandfather’s will (Evans v Hellier, Shaw v Rhodes). The case was basically between her brother Thomas Shaw-Hellier of Rodbaston Hall and the other eight surviving grandchildren of Rev Thomas Shaw-Hellier.Mary Shaw Hellier in about 1846

The fortunes of the Evans family seem to have taken a turn for the worse after the death of her father-in-law, Richard Evans (Snr) in 1841. The advent of the railways meant that the family abandoned the coaching business but despite Mary Evans credentials as a member of the local landed gentry making money from farming alone was not a viable option. By 1852 her brother Thomas moved back to Staffordshire to nearby Rodbaston Hall.  Nonetheless, the family left Pendeford Hall at about the time of her husband’s death in 1859 and she continued to live in nearby Tettenhall with a number of her unmarried sons until her death on 6 Dec 1878. Her will and what it says about her relationships with each of her sons is available here.


We have two likenesses of her – the attached daguerreotype and the other portrait which is one of a pair of her and her husband Richard Evans by an unknown artist.

Family of Richard EVANS and Mary SHAW-HELLIER

Husband:Richard EVANS (1797-1859)
Wife:Mary SHAW-HELLIER (1801-1878)
Children:Richard EVANS (1825-c. 1879)
Thomas EVANS (1826-aft1910)
James EVANS (1827-1872)
Sarah EVANS (1828-1890)
Charles EVANS (1830-1916)
John EVANS (1832-1833)
Edward EVANS (1834-1835)
George EVANS (1836-aft1911 )
William EVANS (1838-1927)
Henry EVANS (1840-1923)
Marriage2 Mar 1824Wombourne
Witnesses Thomas Evans, Elizabeth Meredith, Elizabeth Evans

Husband: Richard EVANS

Name:Richard EVANS
Father:Richard EVANS (1768-1841)
Mother:Sarah STYLES (bap.1775, d.1812)
Birth26 Aug 1797Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Red Lion Inn
Baptism27 Sep 1800 (age 3)St Peter’s Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton
Occupation1820 (age 22-23)Proprietor of Carriage Business buying out the business from his father; Bew Hotel, Wolverhampton
Portrait1840 (age 42-43)Pair of Portraits (DJM)
Occupation1851 (age 53-54)Landowner 950 acres and 44 Labourers
Death17 Mar 1859 (age 61)Pendeford Hall, Staffordshire


Father:James SHAW-HELLIER (1759-1827)
Mother:Elizabeth BADDELEY (bap.1766, d.1835)
Birth27 Feb 1801Dudley, Staffordshire
Baptism21 Apr 1801 (age 0)St Thomas, Dudley
Death6 Dec 1878 (age 77)Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton

Child 1: Richard EVANS

Name:Richard EVANS
Spouse:Louisa WATSON (1832-1898)
Birth24 Mar 1825Wolverhampton
Baptism25 Mar 1825 (age 0)St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton
Occupation1851 (age 25-26)Attorney
Occupation1853 (age 27-28)bankrupt
Src London Gazette (4167)
Deathc. 1879 (age 53-54)2
Mentionned in mothers will

Child 2: Thomas EVANS

Name:Thomas EVANS
Spouse:Sarah Amelia AGARD (1828-1893)
Birth5 Apr 1826Wolverhampton
Baptism9 Apr 1826 (age 0)St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton
Occupation1861 (age 34-35)Maltster and Farmer; Gunstone
Occupation1871 (age 44-45)Retired Farmer
Emigrationc. 1875 (age 48-49)from Leaves family and goes to Australia
Deathaft 1910 (age 83-84)Australia

Child 3: James EVANS

Name:James EVANS
Birth20 Jun 1827Wolverhampton
Baptism26 Jun 1827 (age 0)St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton
Occupation1861 (age 33-34)Auctioneer
Occupation1871 (age 43-44)No occupation aged 43 years
Death6 Apr 1872 (age 44)Wolverhampton

Child 4: Sarah EVANS

Name:Sarah EVANS
Spouse:Charles Richard Ogden EVANS (1824-1890)
Birth23 Sep 1828Wolverhampton3
Baptism30 Sep 1828 (age 0)St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton
Will1880 (age 51-52)Executor of Henry’s will – prior to Henry’s marriage
Artefact1880 (age 51-52)Sewing Box – Wood/Mother of Pearl
Residence1881 (age 52-53)With Brother Henry – Tettenhall, Staffordshire
Death28 Sep 1890 (age 62)Monkstown, Co Cork

Child 5: Charles EVANS

Name:Charles EVANS
Spouse:Eleanor DAVIS (1846-1909)
Birth6 Nov 1830Wolverhampton
Baptism11 Nov 1830 (age 0)St Peters Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton
Emigration1852 (age 21-22)from Went to Australia
Death24 Aug 1916 (age 85)Gisborne, New Zealand

Child 6: John EVANS

Name:John EVANS
Birth23 Oct 1832Wolverhampton
Death20 Nov 1833 (age 1)

Child 7: Edward EVANS

Name:Edward EVANS
Birth20 Jul 1834Wolverhampton
Death6 May 1835 (age 0)

Child 8: George EVANS

Name:George EVANS
Spouse 1:Alice DAY (1838-c. 1881)
Spouse 2:Emily CORBETT (1840-aft1901)
Birth14 May 1836Tettenhall, Staffordshire
Occupation1861 (age 24-25)Ironmasters Clerk
Residence1881 (age 44-45)Seals, Derbyshire (1881 census)
Occupation1881 (age 44-45)Commercial Traveller Coal

Child 9: William EVANS

Name:William EVANS
Spouse:Elizabeth EDWARDS (1842-aft1911)
Birth22 Jan 1838Tettenhall, Staffordshire
Occupation1861 (age 22-23)Wine, Beer and Spirit Merchant; Merchants Clerk
Deathaft 1911 (age 72-73)
Correspondence in 1911 from Roby Liverpool trying to establish if Thomas (85) is still alive in Australia

Child 10: Henry EVANS

Name:Henry EVANS
Spouse:Florence Eliza (Floss) MARTEN (1858-1922)
Birth2 Jun 1840Pendeford Hall, Staffordshire4
Education1854 (age 13-14)Bridgnorth School, Shropshire
Occupation1881 (age 40-41)Bank Cashier
Occupation1901 (age 60-61)Bank Manager
Death1 Jul 1923 (age 83)Hagley