Nelly Marten

Ellen Louisa Marten, known as Nelly, was born in Penn Hall, nr Wolverhampton, on 25 Jul 1859. She was the fifth child of Henry Marten, the Wolverhampton water engineer. We have a number of photos of her kept by her elder sister Florence Eliza Marten, most of which involve her in amateur theatricals. 

Theatricals, mid 1880's. Ladies from left to right are three Marten sisters - Nettie, Floss and Nelly

Theatricals, mid 1880’s. Ladies from left to right are three Marten sisters – Nettie, Floss and Nelly

She married the Rev Robert Brooks Egan in 1889. At this time he was serving as a Canon in Buxton, Derbyshire. We can speculate that as Buxton was where Nelly’s stepmother came from there was some connection. Henry Marten had married his second wife Martha Shaw on 5 Oct 1880 in St John’s Buxton.

The 1891 census shows she is living with her husband in Mansfield, where he was a Canon at St Peter’s. Significantly the couple went to Germany on a posting in Gotha from about 1898 to 1901. Two documents showing her and her husband’s fairly intimate contact with the royal family have survived (see her husband‘s page).

On their return to England Robert Brooks Egan died in St John’s Wood on 31 Jan 1903. Nelly died four years later on 14 Oct 1907. Her last address was 5 Moorshead Mansions, Maida Vale.

They had no children. Probate was granted to her sister Florence Eliza Evans, which explains how we come by some of her effects.


  • In Molly Evans address book there is an earlier address for Mrs RB Egan ie 138 Lauderdale Road, Maida Vale
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