Studley Court Hospital, Stourbridge

Studley Court Hospital in Stourbridge was opened in September 1914 as a direct response to the outbreak of war. The building is now owned by the council and forms part of Mary Stevens Park.

An Emergency Meeting of the Red Cross Society was convened  at Stourbridge Town Hall on 8 Aug 1914 to discuss the matter and the raising of money. The invitation card to this meeting can be found in Molly Evans‘s scrapbook.

Invitation to the VAD Emergency Meeting, Stourbridge, 7 Aug 1914

Invitation to the VAD Emergency Meeting, Stourbridge, 7 Aug 1914

In Hagley, some like William Edmund Downing made financial contributions. He became treasurer of the Hagley War Fund.

Molly Evans herself signed up to become a nurse and was soon enrolled for a period of training at the Dudley Guest Hospital. By mid September the facilities at Studley Court were ready and a trickle of wounded soldiers, mainly Belgians started to arrive throughout October 1914.

The scrapbook recounts photos and letters with these early patients. A number of group photos of nurses porters and patients show outside views of the building – although there are no internal views.

Molly Evans left the hospital in early 1915 to go and work with the VAD at the No 2 General Hospital in Le Havre in France.

Both Molly’s sister Fiffy and her neighbour Mary Downing also served at the hospital.

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