Thomas Whitehouse

Thomas Whitehouse, Yeoman  of Coseley in the Parish of Sedgley left a will, probate 13 Feb of 1710/11.

It shows he has four sons Thomas, William, Daniel and Joseph and he is married to Eleanor. She is described as “my now wife”, that suggests she is not the mother of his children. Another document indicates that Eleanor is in fact the widow of William Elwell of Ettingshall and married Thomas on 30 Apr 1689 in All Saints Sedgley. The large number of Whitehouses in the Sedgley register is highly confusing and it is difficult to be certain about much. However, the Sedgley register often identifies profession and locality within the large Parish.

His youngest son Joseph would appear to be the one who leaves a will of 1728 and by extension the grandfather of Isaac Whitehouse who leaves a further will of 1786.

The presumption is that Joseph, his son is baptized on 11 May 1682 where the register records the baptism of Joseph the son of “Thomas and Ann Whitehouse (jnr), nailer of Coseley”.  “Ann the wife of Thomas Whitehouse of Coseley, nailer” is buried on 7 Jan 1684/5 and there are no further children.

Two marriages are of interest to identify his wife Ann. Firstly that of Thomas Whitehouse with Anne Rabould, widow, on 28 Oct 1675. The baptism of “Daniel, son of Thomas and Ann of Coseley” on 27 Aug 1676 holds with this, leaving the possibility that the older sons Thomas and William are from an earlier marriage.  The second marriage of interest is  of  Thomas Whitehouse to Jane Persehouse on 13 Apr 1669. In some later transcripts this name is confusingly written as Anne Persehouse. This has to be squared with baptisms of William on 27 Sep 1671 where no mother is named and a baptism for “Thomas, son of Thomas and Ann” on 21 Apr 1674. The presumption of the wording of the will is that Thomas is older than William – so the maternity and order of the two older brothers remains up in the air, as does the correctness of the Rabould marriage.

This would, nonetheless, suggest that Thomas Whitehouse was born in about 1640 and his father is the “Old Thomas Whitehouse, nailer, of Coseley” buried on 28 May 1683 as after that date the word junior is dropped.

The document DE/4/7/12/20 1660 is perhaps significant, as it shows that a Thomas Whitehouse of Coseley derives his wealth from monastic lands called Priors Fields and it is possibly this property that trickles down to subsequent generations. The nature of the connexion with the Persehouse family needs a lot more research. There are a number of Whitehouse-Persehouse marriages that are difficult to disentangle but there are early relations of both families with the Sutton family, Lords of Dudley and the Manor of Sedgley, some of which are discussed elsewhere on this site

Thomas Whitehouse in 1710 names four grandsons the eldest four children of each of his sons. His first named  son Thomas, who appears to be absent in “Her Majesties” Service, has an eldest son Joseph aged under 13 (bap 4 Sep 1696). His son William also has an eldest son Joseph. His son Daniel (will 1727) has an oldest son Daniel. And finally his youngest son Joseph has an eldest son John Whitehouse (will 1768).

Thomas Whitehouse’s property holdings in Coseley include a nailshop that maybe helps corroborate some of the entries in the parish register, where he is described as a nailer, rather than a yeoman.

There is no record found of his burial. This could be because he was buried in a non conformist burial ground in line with the known beliefs of his son and executor Joseph Whitehouse.



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  • Ann Rabould is likely the widow of Richard Rabould, Scythesmith, buried 13 Jul 1672. His probate on the Sedgley Manor Roll shows a large estate valued at £750.
    • Another contemporary Richard Rabould who marries Beatrix Clemson 1657 dies and leaves a will 1709