Tib Marten

Henry John Marten and his wife Frances had a son called Robert Humphrey Marten, named after Henry’s grandfather. He was born in Penn Hall on 3 Aug 1860 and was always known in the family as Tib. 

He was educated at Mill Hill School, University College London and Caius College Cambridge and qualified as a surgeon, before emigrating to Australia. He married Annie Freebairn Monteith, known as May, in Adelaide on 1 Sep 1890. He served in the Australian Army Medical Corps in the First World War.  We have a number of pictures of him and his family as they stayed in close contact with Tib’s sister, Floss, back in Hagley. Uncle Tib continued to visit the Downing family in Edgbaston until the 1930’s. He died in Australia in 1933.

The portrait photo from Floss’s album must date from about 1879 when Tib would have been about 19. Later photos of his family were sent back to England in the 1890’s. Tib had two sons, another Robert Humphrey Marten, known as Roy, and Henry who was killed in 1915.

The family group below must date from about 1902 and shows the two sons and also Jean Monteith Marten born in 1897, before the two boys were sent back to England for their schooling.

The Tib Marten family in Adelaide

The Tib Marten family in Adelaide

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