William Augustus Portman Foster

William Augustus Portman Foster was born in 2 Jun 1887 in Hardingham, Norfolk and was a fellow officer of Wilmot Evans in the 1st Battalion, South Staffordshires. His father was Col Sir William Yorke Foster. He was with Wilmot in Gibraltar and in PieterMaritzburg from 1912 to 1914. In Aug 1914 the regiment returned to England and was deployed immediately to France.

William Augustus Portman Foster in 1912

WIlliam Augustus Portman Foster in 1912

The battalion suffered huge losses in the first battle of Ypres around the 25 October 1914. W.A.P.Foster was wounded and apparently left on the battlefield for nearly two days before being captured. He died of his wounds in captivity in Frankfurt/Main on 11 Nov 1914. He is buried in NiederZwehren Cemetery.

In the large number of photographs Wilmot kept of his colleagues, the initials WAPF clearly identify him.


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