William Lucas

William Lucas was born in Sydenham, Oxfordshire in 1789. He married Sarah Holder in 1811 and spent the rest of his life in and around Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire. He seems to have been involved working as a coach driver, employed by Inns in the town. Colnbrook was on the Bath Road (A4) and his addresses in the censuses after 1841 are next door to a number of Inns.

A significant date is 1835 when the Great Western Railway opened in Slough. Even though he lived until the age of 86, there is much evidence that his life got increasingly tough after 1850. In the 1861 census he is described as a pauper. In the same census three of his grand children are inmates of the nearby Staines Union Workhouse. His other sons seem to have sought employment in London and two of them have a profession of ‘horsekeeper’. In the 1871 census WIlliam Lucas is described as ‘Late Postillion at Hotel’.

William and Sarah’s daughters seem to have fared a little better, although none of them married locally. Charlotte married Thomas Mann a Carpenter, Margaret married Daniel Chiswick a Cooper in Bethnal Green. Caroline married a yeoman farmer twenty years her senior. Whilst William was illiterate each of these daughters signs marriage registers and show some sign of upward mobility.


Family of William LUCAS and Sarah HOLDER

Husband:William LUCAS (bap.1788, d.1875)
Wife:Sarah HOLDER (bap.1791, d.1869)
Children:William LUCAS (1812-c. 1895)
Sarah LUCAS (1815- )
John LUCAS (1817- )
Ann LUCAS (1819- )
Charlotte LUCAS (c. 1821-c. 1877)
James LUCAS (1823- )
Caroline LUCAS (c. 1824-1896)
Margaret Holder LUCAS (c. 1826-1870)
Louisa LUCAS (1832-1911)
Thomas LUCAS (1834-1909)
Charles Alfred LUCAS (1835-aft1881)
Marriage30 Dec 1811Wooburn, Buckinghamshire

Husband: William LUCAS

Name:William LUCAS
Father:John LUCAS ( – )
Mother:Elizabeth ( – )
Baptism27 Sep 1788Sydenham, Oxon
Occupation1845Post Chaise Driver; marriage certificate of daughter Caroline
Occupation1871Late Postillion at Hotel

Wife: Sarah HOLDER

Name:Sarah HOLDER
Father:William HOLDER ( – )
Mother:Elizabeth ( – )
Baptism29 Dec 1791Farnham Royal

Child 1: William LUCAS

Name:William LUCAS
Spouse:Mary Ann BROWN (1819-c. 1854)
Baptism26 Jul 1812 (age 0)Colnbrook
Occupation1871 (age 58-59)Coachman; Islington
Occupation1891 (age 78-79)Pauper; Islington Work House
Deathc. 1895 (age 82-83)Islington

Child 2: Sarah LUCAS

Name:Sarah LUCAS
Baptism9 Feb 1815 (age 0)Colnbrook

Child 3: John LUCAS

Name:John LUCAS
Baptism14 Dec 1817 (age 0)Colnbrook

Child 4: Ann LUCAS

Name:Ann LUCAS
Baptism27 Jun 1819 (age 0)Colnbrook

Child 5: Charlotte LUCAS

Name:Charlotte LUCAS
Spouse:Thomas MANN (c. 1822- )
Birthc. 1821Colnbrook
Baptism16 Sep 1821 (age 0)Colnbrook
Deathc. 1877 (age 55-56)

Child 6: James LUCAS

Name:James LUCAS
Spouse:Ann (1815- )
Baptism13 Apr 1823 (age 0)Colnbrook
Occupation1861 (age 37-38)Horsekeeper; Kensington

Child 7: Caroline LUCAS

Name:Caroline LUCAS
Spouse:John THICK (1799-1877)
Birthc. 1824
Baptism23 Jan 1825 (age 0-1)Colnbrook
Death1896 (age 71-72)Fareham, Hampshire

Child 8: Margaret Holder LUCAS

Name:Margaret Holder LUCAS
Spouse:Daniel CHISWICK (c. 1827-1904)
Birthc. 1826Colnbrook, Staines, Middlesex
Baptism5 Feb 1827 (age 0-1)Colnbrook
DeathQ4 1870 (age 43-44)Stepney

Child 9: Louisa LUCAS

Name:Louisa LUCAS
Birth23 Aug 1832Colnbrook, Middlesex
Baptism23 Sep 1832 (age 0)Poyle Indepenedent Stanwell
Death1911 (age 78-79)Staines

Child 10: Thomas LUCAS

Name:Thomas LUCAS
Birth3 Mar 1834Stanwell
Baptism6 Apr 1834 (age 0)Poyle Indepenedent Stanwell
Death1909 (age 74-75)Staines

Child 11: Charles Alfred LUCAS

Name:Charles Alfred LUCAS
Spouse:Harriet (Hannah) WEBB (1827-1878)
Baptism26 Jan 1836 (age 0-1)Poyle Indepenedent Stanwell
Occupation1871 (age 35-36)Horsekeeper
Deathaft 1881 (age 45-46)