Caroline Hamilton Herbert

Carrie Herbert was born in London on 18 Apr 1873. She features on a number of early Downing photos, taken by Mary Downing in the 1890’s.

Carrie’s father was William Hawkins Herbert a Solicitor. The connection with the Downing family may well be through her father, who could have acted for William Edmund Downing in his extensive business dealings. There is no picture of Carrie’s mother Clara, just one of her younger brother Arthur. Carrie would most likely to have been a good friend of one of the Downing sisters – most probably Daisy ¬†– despite all of them being somewhat younger than Carrie. The group of photos suggest that Carrie, May and Daisy together visited Sierre in Switzerland some time after 1895.

In 1905 she married William Courtenay Sandford, a barrister. She had one son, the distinguished Sir Folliott Herbert Sandford  (1908-1986). She died in 1958.


  • The wedding list for Daisy’s marriage in 1903 shows a gift from Miss C H Herbert – a scent bottle – there would also appear to be a gift from a Mrs A.G. Herbert (?) Arthur Grenville Herbert, Daisy’s contemporary, did not marry until 1909.
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