Elizabeth Jane Treleaven

Elizabeth Jane Treleaven, known as Ginny, was born at 23 Claremont Street in Plymouth in 1854. Her father, George Treleaven, was a Ropemaker in the Royal Navy. Both her parents died before she was 13. In the 1871 census we find her living in Shoreditch with her half sister Caroline Hosking, who was seven years older than her. Ginny married Henry Edwin Palmer in Paddington in 1879.

Ginny Palmer in 1938

Ginny Palmer in 1938 at her granddaughter Dolly’s wedding

There were no family present as witnesses at that wedding. However, by the 1881 census she had a baby son called Percy and they were all staying or living with her parents-in-law back in Plymouth. In 1891 the family is recorded as living in Fulham. In 1901 they had moved to East Ham. They must have moved to Southend in about 1905 and eventually returned to a retirement in Cornwall after the First World War. Their eldest son Percy Palmer had already moved there about 1910.

Ginny had one other half sister called Emma Adams, who was present at the wedding of her youngest daughter, Emma Ida Palmer, in Southend in 1908. The description of the bride’s mother’s attire is one of the few pieces of concrete information about Ginny.

She died in Carbis Bay in 1943.

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