John Cheshire

John Cheshire was born on 2 Mar 1776, the eldest son of Edward Cheshire and his wife Eleanor. Details of his siblings all survive in the Cheshire Family Bible. He was baptised on 12 May 1776 at St Leonard’s Bilston and seems to have spent most of his life in the Smethwick-Oldbury area.

He married Priscilla Onions on 1 May 1797 and they had eight surviving children. The Cheshires were evidently a fairly wealthy farming family and John Cheshire is usually described as a Maltster. The family intermarried with a number of other farming families that form part of the research on this web site. Up until the 1830’s it was still possible to make considerable money off the land by providing to the burgeoning brewing and meat trade.

John Cheshire’s eldest son, John Onions Cheshire, married Charlotte Willets. His eldest daughter, Anna Maria, married Thomas Collins. Both the Collins and the Willets families were butchers by trade – but this appears to mean that they owned considerable quantities of livestock and pastoral land in their own right.  John Cheshire’s granddaughter Anna Maria Collins married George Downing, the younger brother of William Downing. A letter of hers to Sarah Downing her sister-in-law still survives.

John Cheshire’s fourth daughter, Sarah, married Joseph Hartill of Dudley and his granddaughter through this marriage was Sarah Cheshire Hartill, the wife of Walter Showell the important Oldbury brewer.

Of his other children Eliza married Thomas Richard Cooper, a surgeon and his son William married Ann Collins, the niece of his son-in-law Thomas Collins.

John Cheshire’s address in the 1841 census is the Spout House, Smethwick.

John Cheshire died on 1 Sep 1844 and left a long will detailing considerable property in the three counties of Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. His wife Priscilla survived him by four years and she died on 28 Apr 1848.

Family of John CHESHIRE and Priscilla ONIONS

Husband:John CHESHIRE (1776-1844)
Wife:Priscilla ONIONS (1782-1848)
Children:John Onions CHESHIRE (1798-1885)
Anna Maria CHESHIRE (1800-1838)
Hannah CHESHIRE (1803-c. 1893)
Mary CHESHIRE (1805-1859)
Sarah CHESHIRE (1807-c. 1883)
Thomas CHESHIRE (1810-1813)
Priscilla CHESHIRE (1811-1813)
Eliza CHESHIRE (1813- )
William CHESHIRE (1815-aft1869)
Hellen CHESHIRE (1818-1819)
Priscilla CHESHIRE (1820-1822)
Edward CHESHIRE (1822-bef1891)
Marriage1 May 1797Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Married as Priscilla Bacon her Mother’s name

Husband: John CHESHIRE

Father:Edward CHESHIRE (c. 1748-c. 1824)
Mother:Eleanor LINTON (bap.1751, d.1829)
Birth2 Mar 1776Bilston, Staffordshire
Baptism12 May 1776 (age 0)St Leonard’s, Bilston
Residence1841 (age 64-65)Spout House, Smethwick
Occupation1841 (age 64-65)Maltster
Death1 Sep 1844 (age 68)Harborne, Staffordshire

Wife: Priscilla ONIONS

Name:Priscilla ONIONS
Father:John ONIONS (c. 1735-1814)
Mother:Ann Maria BACON (bap.1764, d.1817)
Birth12 May 1782Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Death28 Apr 1848 (age 65)Harborne, Staffordshire

Child 1: John Onions CHESHIRE

Name:John Onions CHESHIRE
Spouse:Charlotte WILLETS (bap.1798, d.1876)
Birth23 Jul 1798Oldbury, Worcestershire
Occupation1881 (age 82-83)-; Retired Cattle Dealer
Death1 May 1885 (age 86)Kingswood3
Burial5 May 1885St Nicholas Church, Kings Norton

Child 2: Anna Maria CHESHIRE

Name:Anna Maria CHESHIRE
Spouse:Thomas COLLINS (bap.1796, d.1863)
Birth28 Nov 1800Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism25 Dec 1800 (age 0)Oldbury by Halesowen, Presbyterian
Death11 Sep 1838 (age 37)
Src Cheshire Family Bible

Child 3: Hannah CHESHIRE

Name:Hannah CHESHIRE
Spouse:James POTTER (c. 1800-c. 1867)
Birth26 Jan 1803Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism13 Feb 1803 (age 0)Oldbury by Halesowen, Presbyterian
Deathc. 1893 (age 89-90)

Child 4: Mary CHESHIRE

Spouse 1:Richard DUCE (1802-c. 1833)
Spouse 2:William BROOKES (c. 1796- )
Birth27 Feb 1805Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism4 Mar 1805 (age 0)Oldbury, Worcestershire
Death11 May 1859 (age 54)

Child 5: Sarah CHESHIRE

Spouse:Joseph HARTILL (1805-1859)
Birth19 May 1807Oldbury, Worcestershire
Baptism7 Jun 1807 (age 0)Oldbury, Worcestershire
Deathc. 1883 (age 75-76)

Child 6: Thomas CHESHIRE

Name:Thomas CHESHIRE
Birth10 Apr 1810
Death13 Feb 1813 (age 2)

Child 7: Priscilla CHESHIRE

Name:Priscilla CHESHIRE
Birth5 Jan 1811
Death5 Feb 1813 (age 2)

Child 8: Eliza CHESHIRE

Spouse:Thomas Richard COOPER (1810-1865 )
Birth4 Jul 1813

Child 9: William CHESHIRE

Name:William CHESHIRE
Spouse:Ann COLLINS (1821-1869)
Birth6 May 1815
Occupation1841 (age 25-26)Grocer and Retailer; Maltster’s Labourer – living next door to parents
Occupation1851 (age 35-36)Retail Brewer
Occupation1861 (age 45-46)Former Victualler
Deathaft 1869 (age 53-54)

Child 10: Hellen CHESHIRE

Name:Hellen CHESHIRE
Birth20 Apr 1818
Death16 Feb 1819 (age 0)

Child 11: Priscilla CHESHIRE

Name:Priscilla CHESHIRE
Birth12 Mar 1820
Death15 Dec 1822 (age 2)

Child 12: Edward CHESHIRE

Name:Edward CHESHIRE
Spouse 1:Elizabeth (c. 1825- )
Spouse 2:Fanny WEST ( – )
Birth16 Mar 1822Oldbury
Occupation1841 (age 18-19)Medical Student (Aged 15)
Occupation1861 (age 38-39)Surgeon(MRCS.Eng) and Dublin (Probably in Dublin 1851)
Residence1871 (age 48-49)St Pancras
Occupation1871 (age 48-49)MRCS General Practitioner
Residence1881 (age 58-59)Smethwick (cohabiting with Fanny West)
Deathbef 1891 (age 68-69)


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