Noel Letter 1 Original

Letter from Noel Downing aged 13 to Mary Downing. It is dated 14 Sep 1902 and written from Elm Lodge, Hagley, shortly before Noel started his first term at Harrow.

The envelope is addressed to Miss Mary Downing, Parkhill House, Dyce, Aberdeen, the home of her Aunt Florence Crombie wife of James Edward Crombie, most famous for the Crombie coat.


Elm Lodge Hagley


Sep 14 1902


{May and I have had a squabble. I gained the victory – she would not pass the envelopes But I made her.}

My Beloved Heart

I have been so busy lately that I have not had the time to write to you. May is just writing a lot of rot to Daisy about me and she thinks it funny.

We all tribed off to the Exhibition last Friday all very excited eating oranges in a third class carriage. When we arrived we did not know what to go and see first. We went first of all to the “Hall of Laughter” where you first saw yourself fat then round and in all sorts of shapes. May looked the funniest of all when she came to the fat glass (as she is a bit fat you know). We went down the water shute. May and Ma would not come. We went on everything and in everything and saw everything. In the end we had to run for the train and it steamed out as we ran into the station. Fat May was a bit thinner after this.

Ma was very funny. She wanted to buy everything. She hinted heaps of things to Pa, but he would not catch on. She saw no end of things and made out that she was wanting each thing very badly.

I go down to Mr Longlands now to have lessons. But he is ill now. You must come back before the 23rd as I want to see my darling’s peach like face once more before I depart on my weary journeys. Willies veg is shrinking badly he will have none left soon. May is eating short bread only 1/2 an hour after lunch. I never do such a thing I am sure.

With much love. I am your loving (May is picking her nose she has not had enough short bread) Brother



Letter from Noel Downing Aged 13

Letter from Noel Downing Aged 13

Letter from Noel Downing Aged 13

Letter from Noel Downing Aged 13

Letter from Noel Downing Aged 13

Letter from Noel Downing Aged 13


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