Noel Letter 1 Harrow

This letter from Noel Downing to his sister Mary is written whilst Noel is (a somewhat haughty) boarder at Harrow school. The ‘baby’ referred to is Nancy Grazebrook born on 5 Feb 1905, the first child of his sister Daisy.


Moretons Harrow


Feb 14th 1905


Dear Mary

I expect you will be rather surprised to hear from me. I meant to write yesterday but forgot all about it. Please forward the enclosed letter to Ma, she told me to send it home and you would forward it. You all seem to think I am oiling my heart out but you are rather mistaken. The form work is quite slack and I do Greek instead of Latin  and History twice a week. And as to Config classes, I have not heard a word yet. (please don’t tell Ma so)  . It was rather lucky she did not come to see Mr Kemp she might have let me in for something.

You must have been having a rather lively time at home, what with squalling babies, fighting servants and Ma going away. I am glad to hear old sour face is going, also that we shall not have the gentle music like the sweet warbling of a running stream during dinner. I suppose you are all engrossed in the beastly baby, wait till Uncle Noel comes home, I will pull faces at it and make it cry. I would not have minded a nephew but a niece! Please tall Daisy that I am sure it is a fine handsome baby (all babies are) Let me know when it begins to cry for “Nunchkey” and I will send it a penny rattle. You had better burn this letter, as it is not one of a dutiful Uncle. please tell May that I know all about her so she need not keep it dark.

With much love from your loving Brother

P.S. I am quite sane, though you might not think so.


Letter from Noel Downing Aged 16

Letter from Noel Downing Aged 16


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