Nancy Merrial Grazebrook

Nancy Grazebrook was the oldest child of Willie Grazebrook and Daisy Downing born on 5 Feb 1905. She lived to the age of 95.

She is recorded in the Downing photo albums as a child on frequent trips to her grandfather’s shooting lodge at the Beacon on the Welsh Borders. She lived most of her life around Kidderminster and Droitwich and married Tommy Webb in 1932. Both her husband and her only son, Jeremy, tragically died at the age of 35. Both her father and her younger brother, Jack were solicitors.

In July 1919 she attended the wedding of her Uncle Noel Downing to Molly Evans (see photos). A little later the albums show her visit to Venice.

In later life, up until 1965 she was a close friend and neighbour, of her Aunt, Mary Simpson.

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