Rev Robert Humphrey Marten

Robert Giles Marten named his eldest son Robert Humphrey Marten after his father.

Rev Robert Humphrey Marten

This Robert Humphrey Marten was born on 28 Oct 1821 in Catherine Court, Tower Hill, and was baptized in nearby All Hallows Barking by the Tower.  He is recorded as a student of divinity at Stepney college in the 1841 census. By 1843 he had obtained a BA from the University of London. He was the first of the Marten family to obtain a degree.  He went on to become a Baptist minister and scholar first in Abingdon and then in Lee in Kent.  Lee was the place where his other grandfather John Warmington had probably first become an active Baptist.  For a time Robert Humphrey probably taught at private schools, a career that mirrored his brother in law, Richard Francis Weymouth, later Head Master of Mill Hill School. Richard Weymouth was a distinguished bible scholar and it is likely that Robert Humphrey Marten had studied with him at some point in University College, London, where Richard Weymouth had become a fellow in 1869. In Mill Hill School announcements of 1870 that launched Weymouth’s Head Mastership, Robert Humphrey Marten signs himself as Honorary Secretary of the school from Lee.

He married Rachel Sloane Fisher in 1847 and they had four children. He died on 21 Oct 1885.

This picture comes from the album of his niece Florence Marten and dates from about 1879.

See also Robert Humphrey Marten’s siblings:

  • Louisa Sarah Marten (1824-1891), Wife of his colleague Richard Francis Weymouth
  • Henry John Marten (1827-1892), Pioneering Water Engineer in Wolverhampton
  • Sir Alfred George Marten (1829-1910), Academic, Lawyer and MP for Cambridge
  • Edward Bindon Marten (1832-1914), Leading Engineer in Boiler technology
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