Robert Giles Marten

Robert Giles Marten was born in 1792, the eldest son of Robert Humphrey Marten. It would be fair to say that he lived his life in the shadow of his father, unfortunately dying three months before him at the age of 47 in 1839.

He went to a school run by Rev William Carver at Melbourne, Cambridgeshire that embodied the high religious ideals of his father characterised by a strong inquisitive and dissenting tradition. At the age of 16 he was introduced to the world of business, shadowing his father’s insurance and shipping activities in the City of London.

In 1811 his mother died and by 1813 his father had remarried. We have a small picture of Robert’s stepmother Emma Maria Marten (nee Martin) inscribed at he bottom from “your affectionate mother”. This offers an insight into the closeness of the family now centred on the family house in Plaistow. The two brothers Robert Giles and Charles were both reputed to be ‘delicate children’ and both were to die in middle age.

In 1814 Robert Giles Marten married Eliza Warmington the daughter of John Warmington a close neighbour in Plaistow. The couple had four sons and four daughters who all grew to adulthood and had distinguished careers in their own right. In 1823 his father reorganized the family business as R H Marten and sons incorporating Robert Giles and his brother Charles as partners. It is difficult to imagine that the presence of their father, Robert Humphrey, was anything other than overwhelming. By this time, Robert Humphrey’s breadth of contacts and status of reputation was enormous, founded on a heady concoction of business, religion and philanthropy.

Robert Giles and his family lived for a time in the City of London by Tower Hill but never far from contact with the family home in Plaistow. However, he seems to have finally left Plaistow some time about 1830, when he moved west to Vauxhall as he became Company Secretary of the Vauxhall Bridge Company, a company that managed the toll bridge to the West of London. Later he appears to have moved to Denmark Hill where he died in 1839 before he could ever emerge from his father’s shadow. His widow Eliza must have been a strong influence on the still young family. She lived on, latterly in the household of her second son, Henry Marten, dying in Wolverhampton in 1865.

Family of Robert Giles MARTEN and Eliza WARMINGTON

Husband:Robert Giles MARTEN (1792-1839)
Wife:Eliza WARMINGTON (1793-1865)
Children:Eliza Warmington MARTEN (1815-1877)
Emma Maria MARTEN (1817-1897)
Caroline Eisdell MARTEN (1819-1885)
Robert Humphrey MARTEN (1821-1885)
Louisa Sarah MARTEN (1824-1891)
Henry John MARTEN (1827-1892)
Alfred George MARTEN (1829-1910)
Edward Bindon MARTEN (1832-1914)
Marriage8 Sep 1814West Ham Parish Church

Husband: Robert Giles MARTEN

Name:Robert Giles MARTEN
Father:Robert Humphrey MARTEN (1763-1839)
Mother:Elizabeth GILES (bap.1759, d.1811)
Birth22 Jun 1792Whitechapel1
Baptism12 Jul 1792 (age 0)New Broad Street Independent
Graduation26 Jun 1814 (age 22)Admitted to Livery Cooks Co and Freeman of City of London
Will1 Jul 1839 (age 47)Names his brother Charles and George Executors (MS7744/O/4 – Marten Papers)
Death10 Jul 1839 (age 47)Camberwell, Surrey


Father:John WARMINGTON (c. 1766-1845)
Mother:Elizabeth DEVONSHIRE (c. 1763-1833)
Birth22 Jan 1793Cripplegate, London1
Residence1841 (age 47-48)Grove Place, Camberwell recently widowed
Residence1851 (age 57-58)DeCrespigny Terrace, Dulwich, Camberwell
Residence1861 (age 67-68)Woverhampton with son Henry
Death4 Jul 1865 (age 72)Parkfield House, Wolverhampton, Staffs

Child 1: Eliza Warmington MARTEN

Name:Eliza Warmington MARTEN
Spouse:Alfred PAYNE (1814-1887)
Birth15 Oct 1815
Death16 Jan 1877 (age 61)Ettingshall, Warwickshire

Child 2: Emma Maria MARTEN

Name:Emma Maria MARTEN
Spouse:Charles SPURDEN (1812-1876)
Birth20 Feb 1817
BaptismAll Hallows Barking
Death29 Dec 1897 (age 80)Fredericton, New Brunswick

Child 3: Caroline Eisdell MARTEN

Name:Caroline Eisdell MARTEN
Spouse:Francis TUCKER (1813-1886)
Birth16 May 1819
Death27 Jul 1885 (age 66)Hastings Sussex

Child 4: Robert Humphrey MARTEN

Name:Robert Humphrey MARTEN
Spouse:Rachel Sloane FISHER (1824-1896)
Birth28 Oct 1821Catherine Court, Tower Hill
Occupation1851 (age 29-30)Minister at Baptist Chapel; Abingdon, Berkshire
Death21 Oct 1885 (age 63)Lewisham, Kent

Child 5: Louisa Sarah MARTEN

Name:Louisa Sarah MARTEN
Spouse:Richard Francis WEYMOUTH (1822-1902)
Birth25 Mar 1824Catherine Court, Tower Hill
Residence1851 (age 26-27)Still living in Camberwell with mother Eliza and brother Alfred George
Death9 Feb 1891 (age 66)Acton

Child 6: Henry John MARTEN

Name:Henry John MARTEN2
Spouse 1:Frances Anne DIMMACK (1834-1862)
Spouse 2:Martha SHAW (1830-1900)
Birth3 Feb 1827Plaistow, Essex
Educationbtw 1839 and 1840 (age 11-13)Mill Hill School3
Education1841 (age 13-14)Church Field Academy, Margate with brother Alfred George
Apprenticeshipc. 1843 (age 15-16)Apprentice to Thomas Wicksteed, Water Pioneer, Wolverhampton, Hull and East London
Occupation1845 (age 17-18)-; Working on waterworks in Hull, under apprenticeship to Wickstead
Occupation1846 (age 18-19)-; Appointed chief Water engineer in Wolverhampton (aged 19)
GraduationApr 1852 (age 25)Associate Member of of the Institute of Civil Engineers
GraduationNov 1854 (age 27)Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers
Occupation1856 (age 28-29)Resigns as Wolverhanpton water engineer to become EB Dimmack’s partne
Residence1870 (age 42-43)Parkfield House Wolverhampton
Occupation1871 (age 43-44)Landowner, Iron Founder and Civil Engineer
Residence1875 (age 47-48)Business Headquarter at 4 Storey’s Gate
Death3 Nov 1892 (age 65)The Birches, Codsall, Staffordshire, buried Wolverhampton
Obituary1893 (age 65-66)Electronic ISSN: 1753-7843

Child 7: Alfred George MARTEN

Name:Alfred George MARTEN
Spouse:Patricia Barrington KENNET (1841-1918)
Birth8 Nov 18294
Occupation1870 (age 40-41)Fellow of St Johns College Cambridge
Occupationbtw 1874 and 1880 (age 44-51)MP for Cambridge
Death22 Jun 1910 (age 80)St Leonards on Sea

Child 8: Edward Bindon MARTEN

Name:Edward Bindon MARTEN
Spouse:Clara BEST (1842-1907)
Birth4 Apr 1832Vauxhall Bridge House, Middlesex
Residence1851 (age 18-19)Living with brother at the ‘Water Works’ Upper Green, Tettenhall
Graduation1857 (age 24-25)M Inst CE
Death8 Jun 1914 (age 82)Pedmore, Worcestershire