Tan Yr Allt was the holiday and later retirement home in Llandudno of Thomas Lee Downing (TLD) and his wife  Ida Mary Downing.

Tan-yr-allt, Llandudno

Tan-yr-allt, Llandudno

The name in Welsh means “under the hill” – there is a large conservatory to the right and a cottage at the bottom of the garden where Ida did some of her work. Both Tom and Ida Downing died here in 1936 and 1946 respectively.

We have the survey plans and documents associated with its sale in 1947 as well as a number of internal photos from the 1930’s.

In our possession is also an early photograph of Llandudno dated 1877 looking across the bay. The house is clearly visible in the distance. It is possible that the house was already owned by the Downings at this stage and indeed may have been built by George Downing – Thomas Lee Downing’s half brother in the 1870’s. We know that George Downing died in Llandudno after a long illness, aged 49. in 1894.

Location of Tan-yr-Allt, Llandudno