Tom Kendrick’s Letters

A folder of letters and photos concerning the estate of Ida Downing, who died in 1946, has survived. Most concern the Downing property in Llandudno called Tan-yr-Allt.  Amongst the correspondence are 11 letters from Tom Kendrick to Noel Downing, his cousin. The two were residual legatees of Ida’s will.

There are a few amusing anecdotes amongst this correspondence. They also give insight in to the lifestyle of Ida, a widow in a large isolated house in Llandudno.

He refers to Phil and John who are Ida’s nephews, sons of her brother Douglas Johnstone. Both are listed in Ida’s will as residing across the Atlantic, in the US and Canada respectively

Most amusingly Tom laments that no one is really interested in the house and the large collection of furniture but are really interested in Money, Drink and Pearls!

Clearly the wine cellar at Tan-yr -Allt was phenomenal and the port collection had been laid down by ‘Uncle George‘ more than 50 years earlier. Despite the poor condition of so many bottles, simply empty through rot, Tom is pleased to have shipped 900 bottles back to London!

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