Thomas James Morgan

Thomas James Morgan was born in Mile End in Jul 1876 the eldest son of Thomas Morgan and Margaret Sarah Chiswick. In about 1895 he emigrated to the United States and joined the family of his Aunt, Mary Jane Kerslake in Iowa. He spent the rest of his life as a labourer and farmer successively in Mount Vernon, Clinton and Low Moor, all in the state of Iowa. In 1911 he was back in England visiting his father and mother being caught by the 1911 UK census.

It is not clear that he visited the UK after that although we have some limited correspondence from ‘Uncle Tom’ with his family up until the 1950’s. He married Mary Ann Whitlatch in 1902 and had two daughters – Grace and Willa.

Uncle Tom appears to have died in the early 1960’s


Family of Thomas James MORGAN and Mary Ann (Anna) WHITLATCH

Husband:Thomas James MORGAN (1876-c. 1964)
Wife:Mary Ann (Anna) WHITLATCH (1874-1971)
Children:Grace Olive MORGAN (1904-1994)
Willa Margaret MORGAN (1905-2006)
Marriage21 Nov 1902Linn, Iowa

Husband: Thomas James MORGAN

Name:Thomas James MORGAN
Father:Thomas MORGAN (1850-1918)
Mother:Margaret Sarah CHISWICK (1851-1937)
BirthJul 1876Mile End
Deathc. 1964 (age 86)Low Moor, Iowa, United States1

Wife: Mary Ann (Anna) WHITLATCH

Name:Mary Ann (Anna) WHITLATCH
Birth5 Dec 1874Iowa
Death15 Dec 1971 (age 97)Low Moor, Iowa, United States

Child 1: Grace Olive MORGAN

Name:Grace Olive MORGAN
Birth22 Jan 1904Linn Iowa
Death14 May 1994 (age 90)Linn Iowa

Child 2: Willa Margaret MORGAN

Name:Willa Margaret MORGAN
Spouse:Vern William HOWSON (1893-1982)
Birth25 Apr 1905Linn, Iowa
Death13 Nov 2006 (age 101)Clinton, Iowa


1“Letters written to DCM from Uncle Tom dated Nov 1954”.
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