Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan was born in Jamaica Street in the centre of Bristol on 14 Mar 1850 and was the first of the Morgans to move to London and pursue a literate career. His grandfather Isaac Morgan originally came from Luccombe on the edge of Exmoor. 

Thomas Morgan c1898

Thomas Morgan aged 48

In the 1871 census he is still living in Bristol with his sister and brother-in-law, Sarah and Elliot Rogers. Here he describes himself as a carpenter, which was the profession of Elliot Rogers. Very shortly after this Thomas must have moved to the East End of London, where he is recorded as having married Margaret Sarah Chiswick in Poplar. The marriage took place at All Saints Church in Poplar on 4 Nov 1872. He is described as a ‘porter’ and it seems likely that none of the close family attended the ceremony – at least none acted as witnesses. It has to have been a speedy and perhaps not fully approved affair – Margaret was the eldest daughter in a large family, whose mother had died in 1870.

According to the censuses the new growing Morgan family of eleven children, nine of whom survived, had a number of addresses across East London, moving from Poplar to Bow to Plaistow and eventually to East Ham. From being a ‘porter’ in 1872, his work in the nearby London Docks progressed to him being a Dock Foreman by his forties. Later he described himself as a Wool Valuer as he probably took a less physical job in the later portion of his working life.

Thomas Morgan in about 1905

Thomas Morgan in about 1905

There are two photos of him both probably taken around the turn of the century.

His family continued to be fairly close to that of his sister’s, Sarah Ann Rogers. The Rogers’ moved up to London probably shortly after Thomas. Both Sarah Rogers and his widow Margaret Sarah Morgan lived into the 1930’s.

His other eldest sister Mary Jane Kerslake emigrated to Iowa in the United States. Thomas’s eldest son Thomas was to follow her there. As were a number of the Rogers family, including eventually his sister Sarah Rogers.

Thomas does not seem to have attended or be acknowledged at his son William’s wedding in 1908. This is difficult to properly explain. In the 1911 census the family can be found in 394 Strone Road, East Ham.  His two younger daughters, Amy and Armoral, are still living at home and Thomas is visiting from the United States.

Thomas died on 6 November 1918 in Strone Road in the presence of his second eldest son William Henry Morgan. His death certificate mentions paralysis and influenza as the cause of death.


Family of Thomas MORGAN and Margaret Sarah CHISWICK

Husband:Thomas MORGAN (1850-1918)
Wife:Margaret Sarah CHISWICK (1851-1937)
Children:Florence Annie Sarah MORGAN (1873- )
Beatrice Mary (Triss) MORGAN (1875-1950)
Thomas James MORGAN (1876-c. 1962)
William Henry MORGAN (1880-1947)
Percival Francis (Percy) MORGAN (1881- )
Herbert Edward (Bert) MORGAN (1884- )
Amy Louise MORGAN (1887-1977)
Stanley (Victor?) MORGAN (1890-c. 1894)
Margaret Elsie (Dolly) MORGAN (1890-1988)
Armoral Olive MORGAN (1895-1963)
Arthur William MORGAN (1897-1897)
Marriage4 Nov 1872All Saints Poplar

Husband: Thomas MORGAN

Name:Thomas MORGAN1
Father:Jacob MORGAN (1812-c. 1889)
Mother:Sarah E BARTLETT (bap.1816, d.c. 1888)
Birth14 Mar 18503 Jamaica Street, Bristol
Baptism31 Mar 1850 (age 0)St Paul’s Bristol
Occupation1871 (age 20-21)Carpenter (living with newly married sister Sarah Rogers)
Occupation1872 (age 21-22)Porter (on Marriage Certificate)
Occupationbtw 1881 and 1891 (age 30-41)Dock Company Foreman
Occupation1901 (age 50-51)Wool Brokers Clerk
Residence1911 (age 60-61)394 Strone Road, East Ham
Occupation1916 (age 65-66)Wool Merchants Clerk
Occupation1918 (age 67-68)Wool Warehouseman
Death6 Nov 1918 (age 68)394 Strone Road, East Ham

Wife: Margaret Sarah CHISWICK

Name:Margaret Sarah CHISWICK
Father:Daniel CHISWICK (c. 1827-1904)
Mother:Margaret Holder LUCAS (c. 1826-1870)
Birth29 Sep 1851Poplar, Middlesex
Education1872 (age 20-21)Illiterate
Unable to sign own marriage certificate (x her mark)
Residence1901 (age 49-50)In Lancashire with daughter Florence Schofield and family
Death17 Apr 1937 (age 85)19 Grosvenor Road, Ilford2
Burial21 Apr 1937City of London Cemetery

Child 1: Florence Annie Sarah MORGAN

Name:Florence Annie Sarah MORGAN
Spouse:Henry Benjamin (Harry) SCHOFIELD (1873- )
BirthOct 1873Limehouse
Emigration1913 (age 39-40)from Canada to US visit to Mt Vernon Iowa to brother Thomas
DeathMontreal, Canada

Child 2: Beatrice Mary (Triss) MORGAN

Name:Beatrice Mary (Triss) MORGAN
Spouse 1:Frederick William Jackson COZENS (1860-1914)
Spouse 2:Albert Edwin BURTON (bap.1873, d.1940)
BirthQ1 1875Limehouse
Death15 Jun 1950 (age 75)209 Main Road, Gidea Park3

Child 3: Thomas James MORGAN

Name:Thomas James MORGAN
Spouse:Mary Ann (Anna) WHITLATCH (1874-1971)
BirthJul 1876Mile End
Deathc. 1964 (age 87)Low Moor, Iowa, United States4

Child 4: William Henry MORGAN

Name:William Henry MORGAN
Spouse:Emma Ida PALMER (1883-1950)
Birth17 Aug 188052a Swaton Road, Bow
Occupation1901 (age 20-21)Friendly Society Clerk (Census)
Residence1911 (age 30-31)13 Mitcham Road East Ham (Clerk Time Keeper) 1911 census
Residencebtw 1912 and 1927 (age 31-47)129 Empress Avenue Ilford
Occupationc. 1914 (age 33-34)Becomes associate of John Richard Woodley, Incorporated Accountant
Occupationbtw 1920 and 1934 (age 39-54)Partner John R Woodley, Morgan & Co
Occupation1922 (age 41-42)member of the Society of Accountants and Auditors (Aged 42)
Graduationbtw 1928 and 1934 (age 47-54)FSAA (Fellow of the Society of Accountants and Auditors)
Residencec. 1928 (age 47-48)52 Selborne Road, Ilford (Purchases freehold)
52 Selborne Road, Ilford
Occupation30 Mar 1935 (age 54)Partnership with John R Woodley (aged 68) dissolved
Occupation1 Jul 1935 (age 54)Accountant; Morgan Back and Co (Incorporated Accountants) formed in patrnership with WJ Back
Residence1947 (age 66-67)4 Westbourne Grove, Paddington (Death Certificate) with Ada Lucy Sole
Ada Lucy Sole b Ireland 1903
Death26 Apr 1947 (age 66)St Marys Hospital, Paddington
Burial2 May 1947Barkingside Cemetry Lot 4735

Child 5: Percival Francis (Percy) MORGAN

Name:Percival Francis (Percy) MORGAN
Spouse:Rachel (Ray) PARSONS (1887- )
BirthDec 1881Bow
Occupation1901 (age 19-20)Drapers Assistant
Occupation1906 (age 24-25)Hosier
Occupation1911 (age 29-30)Draper Shop Assistant
Immigration23 Nov 1912 (age 30)to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Liverpool on Corsican

Child 6: Herbert Edward (Bert) MORGAN

Name:Herbert Edward (Bert) MORGAN
Occupation1901 (age 16-17)Commercial Clerk

Child 7: Amy Louise MORGAN

Name:Amy Louise MORGAN
Birth13 Aug 1887Upton Park
Residence1970 (age 82-83)Wayside, 32 Southdown Road, Bognor Regis
Death25 Dec 1977 (age 90)Elizabeth House, Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis

Child 8: Stanley (Victor?) MORGAN

Name:Stanley (Victor?) MORGAN
Birth1890Upton Park
Deathc. 1894 (age 3-4)5

Child 9: Margaret Elsie (Dolly) MORGAN

Name:Margaret Elsie (Dolly) MORGAN
Spouse:John James KILCULLEN (1877-c. 1945)
BirthDec 1890Upton Park
Residence1901 (age 10-11)Living with Triss Cozens (Morgan) in 1901 census
Residence1911 (age 20-21)Montreal with the Schofields
Death1988 (age 97-98)Montreal, Canada

Child 10: Armoral Olive MORGAN

Name:Armoral Olive MORGAN
Spouse 1:John Cecil D’ARCY (c. 1892-c. 1928)
Spouse 2:Alfred Edmund HUGHES ( -1940)
BirthQ3 1895Plaistow, Essex
Immigration2 Apr 1930 (age 34)to London from Capetown, South Africa
New Barking Essex
Witness17 Apr 1937 (age 41)A Hughes, daughter, filed her mothers death certificate
Death15 May 1963 (age 67)Chadwell Heath Hospital

Child 11: Arthur William MORGAN

Name:Arthur William MORGAN
Death1897 (age 0)


1The middle name James only appears on one document – Armoral’s marriage certificate.
2“Death Certificate”. Text From Source: Reported by A Hughes Daughter
3“DCM Diary 1950”. Text From Source: Diary states – Auntie dies – followed in subsequent weeks by frequent trips to ‘Gidea Park’ with Armoral and Amy
4“Letters written to DCM from Uncle Tom dated Nov 1954”.
5“DCM Records”. Text From Source: Donald Morgan names two children Victor and Arthur died in infancy. A Stanley is not mentionned although it is this name that appears on the 1891 census