Daniel Chiswick

Daniel Chiswick was born in about 1827 in Poplar. He was the youngest son of Samuel Jervis Chiswick (1777-1839). He came from a long line of coopers and was to take up the same trade. His grandfather was Samuel Chiswick (1740-1790). Although he lived to a good age of 76 Daniel continued to live in the East End of London and circumstances seem to have got increasingly tough.

His father died when he was only 12 and was buried in the local Whitechapel Congregation Chapel in Philpot Street. This non conformism might explain the absence of any baptism for Daniel. The address given in the burial register is Harris’s Buildings, which would appear to be in Stepney.

The 1841 census shows Daniel living alone with his widowed mother Ann (nee Beasor) who is described as a laundress.  Despite his young age he is already described as a Cooper. His elder brother Samuel (b 1809) was married and lived nearby also engaged as a cooper.

Nine years later Daniel married Margaret Lucas in St Matthew’s Bethnal Green on 14 Oct 1850. She was the daughter of William Lucas and came from Colnbrook to the West of London. Both bride and groom were able to sign their names in the register – significantly a number of the couple’s children appear to have regressed in their educational attainment and later marriages of the children are marked with an ‘X’

His eldest daughter Margaret Sarah Chiswick was born the following year in 1851. There followed nine more daughters and a son in the next nineteen years – at least three did not make it past infancy.

In 1869 Daniel’s mother died in the ‘Poplar Union‘ and the following year his wife died,

Circumstances did not improve and Daniel is recorded as entering the Stepney Union Workhouse in May 1881. Fortunately he was able to be discharged in Dec 1881 and returned to his address in Ropemaker’s Fields in Limehouse. The notes on the Workhouse records show that he was a cooper and he had a ‘weird leg’.

In 1891 he is living with his daughter and son-in-law Henry and Caroline Walker

In the 1901 census he is in the Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylum

Daniel is recorded as being buried on 7 Jan 1904. His address is given as 30 Sussex Street, Stepney, which was the address of his daughter Caroline.



Family of Daniel CHISWICK and Margaret Holder LUCAS

Husband:Daniel CHISWICK (c. 1827-1904)
Wife:Margaret Holder LUCAS (c. 1826-1870)
Children:Margaret Sarah CHISWICK (1851-1937)
Eliza Ann CHISWICK (1852- )
Emma CHISWICK (1853- )
Daniel CHISWICK (1855-1897)
Louisa CHISWICK (1856-1857)
Caroline Gagen CHISWICK (1858-1916)
Elizabeth Charlotte CHISWICK (1860-1907)
Jane CHISWICK (1862-1862)
Maria CHISWICK (1864-1864)
Alice CHISWICK (1866- )
Harriet CHISWICK (1869- )
Marriage14 Oct 1850St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green

Husband: Daniel CHISWICK

Name:Daniel CHISWICK
Father:Samuel Jarvis CHISWICK (bap.1777, bur.1839)
Mother:Anne BEAZER (c. 1784-1869)
Birthc. 1827Poplar
Occupationbtw 1841 and 1881 (age 13-54)Cooper
Residence1850 (age 22-23)34 Hereford Street, Bethnal Green
Residence1851 (age 23-24)19 Bromley Terrace, Bow Lane
Residence1861 (age 33-34)2 Bath Place, Poplar
Residencebtw 1871 and 1881 (age 43-54)34 Ropemakers Fields, Limehouse
Residence1891 (age 63-64)Living with daughter Caroline Wallace
Residence1901 (age 73-74)Poplar Sick Asylum
Death1904 (age 76-77)Poplar

Wife: Margaret Holder LUCAS

Name:Margaret Holder LUCAS
Father:William LUCAS (bap.1788, d.1875)
Mother:Sarah HOLDER (bap.1791, d.1869)
Birthc. 1826Colnbrook, Staines, Middlesex
Baptism5 Feb 1827 (age 0-1)Colnbrook
DeathQ4 1870 (age 43-44)Stepney

Child 1: Margaret Sarah CHISWICK

Name:Margaret Sarah CHISWICK
Spouse:Thomas MORGAN (1850-1918)
Birth29 Sep 1851Poplar, Middlesex
Education1872 (age 20-21)Illiterate
Unable to sign own marriage certificate (x her mark)
Residence1901 (age 49-50)In Lancashire with daughter Florence Schofield and family
Death17 Apr 1937 (age 85)19 Grosvenor Road, Ilford1
Burial21 Apr 1937City of London Cemetery

Child 2: Eliza Ann CHISWICK

Name:Eliza Ann CHISWICK
Birth14 Nov 1852Poplar

Child 3: Emma CHISWICK

Birth19 Dec 1853

Child 4: Daniel CHISWICK

Name:Daniel CHISWICK
Spouse:Emily HARDY (1856- )
Birth25 Jul 1855Poplar
Death17 Aug 1897 (age 42)West Ham

Child 5: Louisa CHISWICK

Name:Louisa CHISWICK
Birth4 Aug 1856Poplar
Death21 Dec 1857 (age 1)Poplar

Child 6: Caroline Gagen CHISWICK

Name:Caroline Gagen CHISWICK
Spouse:Henry WALKER (1859- )
Birth29 Dec 1858
Death1916 (age 57-58)

Child 7: Elizabeth Charlotte CHISWICK

Name:Elizabeth Charlotte CHISWICK
Spouse:John KELLY (1859- )
Birth23 Aug 1860Poplar
Death1907 (age 46-47)West Ham

Child 8: Jane CHISWICK

Birth15 Mar 1862Poplar
Death1862 (age 0)

Child 9: Maria CHISWICK

Death1864 (age 0)

Child 10: Alice CHISWICK

Spouse:George MARTIN ( – )
BirthQ3 1866Poplar

Child 11: Harriet CHISWICK

Name:Harriet CHISWICK
Spouse:William Henry POINTER ( – )


1“Death Certificate”. Text From Source: Reported by A Hughes Daughter