There are several collections of letters in our possession that relate to the people described on this website. Continue reading →
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Wilmot to Teddy Letter

This letter, from Wilmot Evans to his uncle Edward Dimmack Marten, is written on 30 Jan 1915 from the trenches. Wilmot had returned after a spell of leave back in Hagley, probably in early January, after his ordeal at the first Battle of Ypres in October 1914. He was to stay in France until he was wounded again on 16 May 1915. Continue reading →
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Noel Letter to Molly, Nov 1916

This letter was written on 11 November 1916 – shortly after Noel Downing had returned to the trenches after taking up his commission in the Welsh Guards. Molly Evans  was about to formally resign her nursing post in France to return home to look after her mother, whose health had deteriorated after the death of her brother Wilmot on the first day of the battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916. Continue reading →
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Noel Letter 1 Harrow

This letter from Noel Downing to his sister Mary is written whilst Noel is (a somewhat haughty) boarder at Harrow school. The ‘baby’ referred to is Nancy Grazebrook born on 5 Feb 1905, the first child of his sister Daisy. Continue reading →
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Aubrey Webster

Aubrey Herbert Bower Webster was born in 1888, the only son of the Rev John Webster of Ombersley, Droitwich. He was educated at King’s School, Worcester. In 1907 he won an Exhibition to Brasenose College Oxford and was a close friend of Noel Downing. After Oxford, he became a school teacher. Continue reading →
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