Noel Letter 1 Harrow

This letter to Mary is written whilst Noel is a boarder at Harrow school. The ‘baby’ referred to is Nancy Grazebrook born on 5 Feb 1905, the first child of his sister Daisy. Continue reading →
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Aubrey Webster

Aubrey Herbert Bower Webster was born in 1888, the only son of the Rev John Webster of Ombersley, Droitwich. He was educated at King’s School, Worcester. In 1907 he won an Exhibition to Brasenose College Oxford and was a close friend of Noel Downing. After Oxford, he became a school teacher. Continue reading →
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Mary Downing’s Writing Box

Below are listed the contents of Mary Downing‘s (or Aunt Mary’s) Writing Box in the possession of her great niece Juliet. The letters from the trenches have generally been transcribed here as the originals are written on poor quality paper and in pencil and are somewhat illegible. Continue reading →
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Ann Maria Downing Letter

This letter is from George Downing’s wife Ann Maria Downing (nee Collins). It is written to Sarah and Eliza, her husband’s sisters. Her brother-in-law William did not marry in fact until 1856. The ‘sly miss’ probably refers to the fact that Sarah has just married or got engaged to William Laister in North Wales. The dates of this wedding have not been checked (Q3 1853 Bangor). The Donkeys reference could therefore be to some kind of honeymoon and could even be the earliest evidence of the Downing’s holiday interest in Llandudno. Continue reading →
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Aunt Cropley’s letter

Below is a transcript of a 1849 letter to Sarah Downing. It is written compactly on both sides of small red rimmed writing paper – horizontally and then continues superimposed  vertically – making it very difficult to read. Further research is needed to identify ‘Aunt Cropley’ – the letter was stored in a non contemporaneous envelope stating “Aunt Cropley’s letter” Continue reading →
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