Henry Evans Unexecuted Will 10 Feb 1880

This is a transcript of the handwritten original of Henry’s will drawn up aged 49 shortly after his mother’s death when he is living with his sister Sarah and before he married Floss. Continue reading →
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Walter Showell

Walter Showell, the Oldbury brewer, was born on 26 September 1832. He was baptized in St Martin’s Birmingham on 25 Oct 1832. He undoubtedly had a difficult childhood. His father, also Walter Showell, died when he was only three in 1835. His mother, Eliza Ann Breakspear, remarried in 1840. In the 1841 census the eight year old Walter can be found in the household of his Aunt, Mary Ann Hands. It seems he was brought up in the Hands household rather than with his mother, who inherited a family from her new widower husband. Walter trained as a Chemist and Druggist before entering the Brewing trade. His uncle, Thomas Showell, is listed as a licensed Victualler in the 1851 census so there were strong family connections with the trade. His grandfather Joseph Showell had, for many years, run the Bull’s Head in Price Street, Birmingham Continue reading →
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Charles Palmer

Charles Palmer was baptized in Stoke Damerel on 16 Aug 1818. He was the eldest child of Nathaniel Palmer, a blacksmith, and served in the Royal Navy all his life, receiving a pension right up until his death at the age of 88. He married Mary Ann Ash Tingcombe on 2 Aug 1837 and they had five surviving children. Continue reading →
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Robert Humphrey Marten

Robert Humphrey Marten was born in 1763 to a non conformist family in Whitechapel. Robert’s father Nathaniel had established a place in The City of London in the Cooks’ company, which formed a base for Robert Humphrey’s particularly varied and interesting career. Continue reading →
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Henry Evans

Henry Evans was born on 2 Jun 1840 at Pendeford Hall. We believe he attended Bridgnorth school. By the time his father died in 1859 the future seemed uncertain and the family was forced to relinquish the tenancy of Pendeford Hall. Continue reading →
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This is a list of published books that have been cited or used in the compilation of this website. These are books that I have in my possession and are not generally available electronically.  Continue reading →
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Richard Evans

Richard Evans was born on 26 Aug 1797 probably in The Red Lion Inn in Wolverhampton. He was baptized at St Peter’s Collegiate Church in Wolverhampton on 27 September 1800. We have a glass rummer monogrammed ‘RE’ that dates from his childhood or even christening. Continue reading →
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Thomas Shaw-Hellier

Thomas Shaw was baptised on 1 Oct 1732, the son of Thomas Shaw of Sinder Hill, Sedgley. His father is incorrectly given in some nineteenth century publications of Staffordshire families as James Shaw (1710-1776) of Dudley, an attorney by training. This was in fact his father-in-law as in about 1756 Thomas Shaw married Mary Shaw, James Shaw’s eldest daughter.  Continue reading →
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This is a list of books that have been passed down and are of particular interest to the family history. Continue reading →
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Mary Owen

Mary Evans was born Mary Owen, probably in about 1743 and must have come from a wealthy family, receiving a good education. She was a key figure in establishing the Evans family in the coaching business in Wolverhampton. Because a Daniel Banton was guardian to her children and executor of her husband’s will, it has long been speculated that her maiden name was Banton. Continue reading →
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Henry John Marten

Henry Marten was born in Plaistow on 3 Feb 1827, the second eldest son of Robert Giles Marten. His father and grandfather both died in 1839 when he was only twelve. He was educated at a private school in Margate, Kent. He seems to have gained a rapid career start, being appointed chief Water Engineer for Wolverhampton at the tender age of 19. Continue reading →
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Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan was born in Jamaica Street in the centre of Bristol on 14 Mar 1850 and was the first of the Morgans to move to London and pursue a literate career. His grandfather Isaac Morgan originally came from Luccombe on the edge of Exmoor.  Continue reading →
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Old Photos

The collection of old nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs is extensive and some are not easily identifiable. Photos are most easily available by selecting the topic Photos in the topic menu. Continue reading →
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Index of Names

This is a list of all the names that appear in my offline family tree as of September 2017. Please ‘contact us’ for further details. Continue reading →
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