John Thompson

John Thompson was a locksmith from Coseley in the parish of Sedgley, near Dudley. He was probably baptised on 24 Feb 1716/17 and was buried on 27 Apr 1807, both in All Saints Sedgley. This would have made him 90 years old.  Continue reading →
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Joseph Whitehouse

Joseph Whitehouse, nailer, of Coseley left a will written on 14 Mar 1727/28. He was probably baptized on 11 May 1682 in All Saints Sedgley, the youngest son of Thomas Whitehouse, a yeoman and nailer. Continue reading →
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Thomas Whitehouse

Thomas Whitehouse, Yeoman  of Coseley in the Parish of Sedgley left a will, probate 13 Feb of 1710/11. Continue reading →
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Joseph Dezitter’s Pictures of Bergues

During the First World War, Joseph Dezitter (1883-1957), a Flemish artist, was mobilised and participated in the Belgian campaign where he was seriously wounded in 1914. After recovering he joined the ambulance auxiliary services in Northern France. Travelling between military hospitals, he took the opportunity to paint the places he visited. Continue reading →
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Friends’ Ambulance Unit, Dunkirk

The Quakers ran the Friends’ Ambulance Unit including the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Dunkirk for most of the duration of the First World War. One of its purposes was  that members of the Society of Friends should be able to carry out their patriotic duty without having to serve in the Military on conscientious grounds. However, it also recruited from beyond the Quaker community. Continue reading →
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Richard Brettell

The history of the Brettell family of Brettell and Amblecote just north of Stourbridge touches on a couple of the families discussed in this site – notably the Bendys of nearby Shut End and the Trysull branch of the Barneseley family. Continue reading →
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Photo Books and Calendars

A few years ago we stared to print photo books and calendars for ourselves and close circle of family and friends. Each one contains the best pictures featuring people we met, places we visited and events which happened in the previous year. Continue reading →
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Edward Grove

Edward Grove of West Bromwich left a will, written in 1634 and executed in 1641, that gives a long list of children and children in law. It is a very useful will in getting to grips with a few of the families discussed on this web site – notably the Darbys, Willetts  and Russells of Rowley Regis.  Continue reading →
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John Jesson

John Jesson married Amy Darby on 22 Jan 1609 in St Mary’s Handsworth. Amy is mentioned in her father Thomas Darby’s will of 1607 and her spinster Aunt Ann Darby’s will of 1612. Amy Jesson’s grandfather was therefore Edmonde Darby who left a will of 1598.  Continue reading →
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Benjamin Willetts

The Willetts family lived in and around Oldbury. It is one of the most repeated names in the Parish Register of St Giles’ Rowley Regis in the 1700’s. One branch, the descendants of Joseph Willetts, butcher,  seems to have accumulated wealth, attested to by a number of wills. Significantly Joseph was married to Amphillis Russell a member of the Russell family of ‘the Portway’ in Rowley Regis. Continue reading →
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Job Clifton

Job Clifton was baptised on 23 Dec 1734 at Christ Church Oldbury. His father was also called Job Clifton. Continue reading →
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W Ellery Jephcott

W Ellery Jephcott (1880-1960) was a journalist and local historian of the Smethwick and West Bromwich area. Continue reading →
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Thomas Downing

Thomas Downing was born in Smethwick and baptized in All Saints, West Bromwich on 20 Mar 1825. He was the younger brother of William Downing, the wealthy Smethwick maltster. Continue reading →
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