Thomas Downing

Thomas Downing was born in Smethwick and baptized in All Saints, West Bromwich on 20 Mar 1825. He was the younger brother of William Downing, the wealthy Smethwick maltster. Continue reading →
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Edmund Clifton

Edmund Clifton was baptised on 24 Mar 1776 in St Giles, Rowley Regis. His father was Job Clifton and his mother Alice Darby. The parish register of Rowley Regis records that when his parents died in 1815 and 1819 respectively they lived in Park House in Rowley. This then was probably the house that Edmund and his brothers Job and Samuel were brought up in. The Cliftons were essentially farmers of a middling status, but this economic activity was undergoing substantial change spurred by the rapid urbanisation of the area. Continue reading →
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Daniel Chiswick

Daniel Chiswick was born in about 1827 in Poplar. He was the youngest son of Samuel Jervis Chiswick (1777-1839). He came from a long line of coopers and was to take up the same trade. His grandfather was Samuel Chiswick (1740-1790). Although he lived to a good age of 76 Daniel continued to live in the East End of London and circumstances seem to have got increasingly tough. Continue reading →
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Emma Ida Palmer

Emma Ida Palmer was born on 23 Oct 1883 at 108 Ladbroke Grove Road, Notting Hill. Her parents were Henry Edwin Palmer, a commercial traveller and glove salesman and Elizabeth Jane (nee) Treleaven. Both came from around Plymouth. She was the youngest of three children and her older sister was born in Plymouth. The circumstances of her early life were probably quite tough but the fortune and addresses of her family steadily improved. Continue reading →
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Morgan Back and Co

Morgan Back and Co, a firm of Incorporated Accountants, was founded in 1935 after the dissolution of John R Woodley, Morgan and Co. The draft letter of agreement between William Henry Morgan and William John Back has survived. This document was held in the offices of 34-36 Gresham Street when the building was blitzed in about 1941. Despite the burnt fringes it has been kept and is still legible. Continue reading →
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Noel Downing to Mother Letter, Mar 1915

This is the only war letter that has survived written by Noel Downing to his mother Hannah Pitt Downing.   It has no date but it seems to recount his early experiences at Ashtead as a private with the Royal Fusiliers and that would make it most probably around Mar 1915. It would seem to post date the other letter address-headed Ashtead to his sister Mary as the Public School boys are being moved from billets (like Mrs Drew) into the new camp.  Continue reading →
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Florence Marten’s Photo Album

Florence Eliza Marten collected a large photo album of her relatives in the late 1870’s and 1880’s. Some descriptions are annotated by her but most appear to be done at a later date by her daughter, Molly Evans. Here is a list of the individual photos a number of which can be found posted on this web site. Continue reading →
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Donald Morgan in India 1946

Donald Cecil Morgan a Warrant Officer in the British Intelligence Corp set sail from England for India on 29 Dec 1945, aged 23. He had been called up and spent an initial period at Bletchley Park from Oct 1943 to Oct 1945 and was to spend the next ten months in India where tensions were high as it embarked on the road to Independence and eventual Partition. Continue reading →
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William Chambers alias Ireland

A document in the Dudley Archives shows that there was a Deed Poll in about 1550 by a William Chambers Alias Ireland assigning ancient ecclesiastical land of the Priory of St John’s at Halesowen. A number of his descendants for the next 150 years appear in the local records of Rowley Regis and Dudley, using the names ‘Chambers alias Ireland’  These include intermarriages with the Darby family discussed on the website. The name Ireland is sometimes spelled ‘Ierland’ or ‘Yearland’. The same document demonstrates that they owned ex-monastic lands at Rowley called Freebodies, and this reference recurs in a number of later Darby wills. Continue reading →
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Edmonde Darby

Edmonde Darby of Oldbury in the Parish of Halesowen died and was buried on 5 Sep 1598 in St John the Evangelist Halesowen. He left a will dated 21 Jun 1598 naming his three children and the numbers of his grandchildren. Continue reading →
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John Cartwright of Rowley Regis, died 1587

John Cartwright of Rowley in Staffordshire left a will dated 25 Nov 1587. He seems to have been a man of moderate wealth and the will gives a whole list of fellow inhabitants of Rowley Regis who owe him money. This list is fascinating as a background to many of the families featured on this web site. Continue reading →
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Thomas Darby

When Thomas Darby of “the Portway in the parish of Rowley Regis” died in 1611 it is clear from his will dated 28 Mar 1611, probate 22 July 1611, that he was an old man. He was probably born in the 1530’s. He requests to be buried in the churchyard of Rowley, “near unto my wife”. He identifies his surviving sister as Elizabeth Whitmore, who is recorded in the Parish Register as marrying Thomas Whitmore in St Giles, Rowley Regis on 5 Feb 1555. Continue reading →
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Maurice Goldman

Maurice Goldman was born in Stamford Hill on 30 Jul 1908, eldest son to Benjamin Goldman and his wife Rachel Festenstein. In the 1880’s, Benjamin Goldman, as a young child had fled Russia with his parents as Jewish emigres. He went on to found a successful Timber Business in London called B Goldman and Sons. Continue reading →
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